Shrink film blowing machine

Shrink film blowing machine
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Label:Film blowing machine , Shrink machinery , Plastic Machinry
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Polymer materials such as rubber, plastic or fiber, in the case of certain external environmental temperature, have different levels of size shrinkage. Actual products, most of the demands good thermal stability, dimensional change is small, but there are some products require a larger heat shrinkage case. Case of heat shrinkable polymer materials, performance, and thermal expansion of metallic materials performance opposite case. Advantage of this, the polymer jacket tube made of rubber, heat shrink, shrink plastic film products, or heat shrink products, textile fibers, used in various packaging applications. Transparent plastic shrink film for its variety, rich source of raw materials, manufacturing, easy easy to use, in recent years has been rapidly and application promotion. PS, PA, PET, PVCD, EVA can also be heat shrinkable film until the required temperature stability, and shrink when heated. Shrink film packaging features are: ① body-transparent, reflecting the product image. ② strong intensive, anti-casual is good. ③ Packing small size, reduced storage costs. ④ rain, moisture, mildew. ⑤ hygiene is good. ⑥ good recovery without a certain security, anti-theft feature. ⑦ Select a wide range of specifications and more films. ⑧ recycling granulator can be recycled, does not cause secondary pollution to the environment.
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