Toothed roll crusher

Toothed roll crusher
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Label:Coal crusher , Coke crusher
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Product Description

Toothed roll crusher mainly adopts special abrasion resistant roller rotating speed of material splitting broken ( traditional toothed roll crusher using low-speed extrusion ), forming a high productivity mechanism. The toothed roll crusher is composed of a transmission device, a machine frame part, a crushing roller, mechanical spring device, linkage mechanism

( 1) with a sieving and crushing functions two fluted roller shaft fixed, their relative movement as a rotating sieve, meet the size requirements materials first by the toothed roller or roller and lining board clearance leakage under the initial screening, which can avoid the portion of the material after roll tooth broken again, both reduced the materials over the broken rate and energy consumption, and reduce the time of tooth broken, prolongs the service life. At the same time the tooth roller differential is running, having better shear and tensile breaking effect. Roller tooth movement also makes the material broken after being forced out, is not easy to jam, and is also suitable for viscous material and the material with high water content. ( 2) two roll non round, non mesh, a constant speed the characteristic greatly increased for mine material shearing crushing effect, reduce the toothed roll crusher the clogging phenomenon. ( 3) adopts double overload protection of a torque-limiting type hydraulic coupler hand absorption crushing impact produced when the machine is stable, on the other hand the machine to play a security role, once inside the device to clamp or overload, hydraulic coupler is automatically cut off the power transmission, the motor idling, thereby the motor and big, small roll up the protective function; the machine is equipped with the movable jaw buffer device, when the tooth roller for crushing force overload will force compresses the spring to increase the radial horizontal shift gear roller and the gap between the jaw plate, the toothed roll and jaw body also plays a role in protection. ( 4) the assembly of flexible, convenient repair of tooth roll shaft assembly with a broken tooth ring, the gear ring inlaid teeth set, fixed with bolts. When the crushing process of gear sleeve wear reaches to a certain degree can be individually replaced, fast speed, thereby reducing downtime, reduce production cost. ( 5) a reasonable structure, long service life and crushing roller teeth using special spirally arranged, convenient to meet the size requirements of the material is discharged, and the gear roller and force of the roller teeth are reduced in number, in favor of break bulk materials. At the same time using the gear roller and lining board and the jaw body dual role of crushing teeth, reduce workload, improve the crushing efficiency, extend the use of time. Toothed roll crusher is suitable for the coal mine, coal preparation plant and other industries broken coal ( allow coal contains less than 30% stone), can also be used for crushing coal hardness similar to other brittle material with. With high efficiency, long life, whole sealing, low noise, small pieces of material, material particle size uniformity and other characteristics.

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