Micropile tube for infrastructure/deep foundation/pipe umbrella roof

Micropile tube for infrastructure/deep foundation/pipe umbrella roof
Origin:Made In China
Category:Construction & Decoration / Building Steel & Structure
Label:steel tie bar , foundation , steel props
Price: US $950 / ton
Min. Order:100 ton
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Product Description

Micropiles are small diameter piles (typically 12" diameter or less) which can be installed in lieu of traditional piles. Micropiles capacities can range from 7 tons to 300 tons or more depending on the ground conditions, pile size, reinforcement and method of installation. Several micropile types exist to include driven, drilled, pushed, compaction grouted, jet grouted, pressure grouted and/or post grouted. Micropiles can be utilized to address very complex drilling conditions in complicated overburden or to provide options for piling where restricted access or low headroom prevents traditional piling methods. 

MicroPile is an efficient foundation support solution that creates a strong composite material between the soil layer and the foundation by drilling, pouring concrete and reinforcing steel. The diameter of micropiles is usually between 50 and 300 mm, and their length can be determined according to different project requirements.

The installation process of micropiles is relatively simple and fast, and can be operated by a variety of mechanical equipment, such as rotary drilling RIGS, electric drilling RIGS, and extrusion drilling RIGS. In the process of drilling, cement and rebar are injected at the same time to enhance the adhesion between soil and pile. When the hole is drilled to the design depth, the steel bar is inserted into the hole with a appropriate tool, the bottom of the hole is filled with concrete construction, and it is compacted with equipment such as a vibrator.

Micropiles have many advantages. First, because of their smaller diameter, micropiles can be installed on smaller sites and can pass through lower water tables. Second, micropiles can be used in different geological and soil conditions, including soft soils, viscous clays, wetlands and rocks. In addition, the design and construction of micropiles can be adjusted according to specific project requirements to meet different load and stress requirements.

Micropiles have been widely used in various engineering projects. They are commonly used to reinforce the foundations of large buildings, as well as to support Bridges, bunkers and underground structures. Micropiles can also be used as part of seismic support systems to improve the seismic performance of buildings by increasing the stability and stiffness of the structure.

In summary, micropiles are a flexible and efficient foundation support solution suitable for a variety of geological and soil conditions. Through their quick installation and excellent load bearing capacity, micropiles play an important role in construction and civil engineering.

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