transmitter and receiver for the laser tag gun

transmitter and receiver for the laser tag gun
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Product Description

1.Transmitter :Sniper rifles

   Weight: 1.5 kg

   Emission type: Laser

   Range :700-800 meters

   Gun sight : 3 - 9 times the high precision sight of 40cm

   Connection: in the connection with the cable of the combat vest

   Cable Type: ordinary telephone lines

 2.Receiver :Combat vest

♦Basic Function :

1 To record the lives: when you first play this game, you can set the number the lives with a remote control and you can hear the voice the number of live is …”

2 To do the action after being shot: if you are shot, you will see a strong flashlight and then hear a scream as well as vibrations.

 3 To record the score: after the game, the combat vest can upload the scores to the central controller, then you can clearly see the times you are shot and the equipment that shot to you.

♦Voice Broadcast :

        1To record the lives: after setting the number of lives, you can hear the voice from the combat vest the number of lives is …”

      2 To stop the game: after being shot for the times of your livesnumber, you can hear the voice you have been killed ,please exit !

 ♦Support to change guns

Support the players to change his gun when the battery of the combat vest is still electrified, for its electricity, the scores still is recorded till the end of war-games.


1 Large-capacity memoryless lead-acid batteries of 12V,1.3A, after being charged for 8 hours, it can be continuously used for 2 to 2.5 days.

2 There will never be memory in the battery, and no matter how much electricity left, it can be charged to 100%. 

3.Camouflage cap

      It’s very soft and comfortable and has 4 receivers. 

Notice :

1 Compared with the combat vest of LT999, LT1800 has 10 receivers in all with 6 on shoulders and 4 in the cap.

    2 Each set includes a gun, a combat vest ,and a camouflage cap.

     3 No single sales.

    4 1-year warranty and lifetime service.
transmitter and receiver for the laser tag gun 1transmitter and receiver for the laser tag gun 2transmitter and receiver for the laser tag gun 3transmitter and receiver for the laser tag gun 4transmitter and receiver for the laser tag gun 5

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