LSC screw weighing feeder

LSC screw weighing feeder
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Label:Spiral scale , Screw feeder , wtclsc
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Product Description

LSC type screw weighing feeder: Spiral weighing feeder is the production metering equipment for continuous conveying, dynamic metering and controlling feed for powder and granular parts. According to the process requirements of the screw conveyor material flow, flow control, and achieve metering management. widely used in power, metallurgy, coal, chemical, port, building materials and other industries. Composition of equipment: scale, deceleration motor, weighing sensor, speed measuring sensor, control system and frequency conversion speed regulating system. Working principle: A screw weighing and quantitative feeder is used for the quantitative feeding of scattered materials. The feeding process is spiral rotating continuous feeding. The feeder carries the material from the user's feeding bin or other feeding equipment and carries on the weight detection through the weighing bridge; the speed sensor installed at the end carries on the speed detection to the spiral body; the measured weight signal and the speed signal are sent into the 3000 B/6000B weighing controller for calculus processing, showing the instantaneous flow rate and accumulative amount. System characteristics: ◆ sealing structure to reduce dust lifting ◆ Dynamic Measurement and Spiral Conveyor Stable and reliable ◆ variable frequency speed regulation (optional) ◆ electronic automatic measurement calibration coefficient, automatic zero adjustment ◆ dynamic zero nonlinear output characteristics are tracked ◆ digital pulse generator to provide reliable and accurate speed signals Technical parameters: ◆ static measurement error :≤0.5%; ◆ dynamic cumulative error :1%≤; ◆ control accuracy: better than 1%; ◆ instrument power supply: single phase 220 V±10%,50 HZ; ◆ drag power: three phase 380 V±10%,50 HZ; ◆ environment :-10℃~50℃ ◆ humidity :5%~90% without condensation mm of spiral diameter 150 200 250 300 400 500 600 Maximum speed of pulverized coal (r/min) 190 150 150 120 120 90 90 Coal powder maximum (m³/h) 9.7 18.1 35.4 49 115 170 292 Cement maximum speed (r/min) 90 75 75 60 60 45 45 Cement maximum (m³/h) 3.5 6.7 13.3 18.3 43.5 63 110 Product model and meaning:
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