telephone cable

telephone cable
Model:Solid PE Insula
Category:Electronics & Electricity / Telecommunication & Broadcasting / Other Communication Equipment
Label:communication cable , telephone cable
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Conductors: Solid annealed bare copper, 0.32/0.4/0.5/0.63/0.9mm as per BS 6360/IEC 60228 Class 1
Insulation: Solid polyethylene as per BS EN 50290-2-23/BS 6234/IEC 60708
Twisted Pairs: Insulated conductors are twisted into pairs with varying lay length to minimize crosstalk.
Cabling Element: Twisted Pairs
Cable Core Assembly: Cables with 100 pairs or less are composed of 25-pair units or 12/13-pair units; cables with over 100 pairs are composed of 25, 50 or 100-pair units. Standard construction is per CW 1171 given in Cable Make Up Chart
Core Wrapping: One or more non-hygroscopic polyester tapes are helically or longitudinally laid with an overlap. These tapes furnish thermal, mechanical as well as high dielectric protection between shielding and individual conductors
Moisture Barrier (optional):A layer of aluminium tape (0.15mm) coated with PE-copolymer on one or both sides is applied longitudinally with overlap over the cable core to provide shielding coverage and ensure a barrier against water vapor
Sheath: Black low density polyethylene as per BS 6234/IEC 60708, being able to withstand exposure to sunlight, temperature variations, ground chemicals and other environmental contaminants
Ripcord:Ripcord may be provided for slitting the sheath longitudinally to facilitate its removal
Spare Pairs (optional):Spare pairs may be incorporated for 200 and larger pair cables
Continuity Wire (optional): Tinned copper drain wire may be longitudinally laid to ensure electrical continuity of the screen

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