Razor Wire

Razor Wire
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Label:Razor barbed wire , Wall spikes , Chain link fence
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Product Description

Razor Wire

Razor wire provides the ultimate in security and safety for your property. When criminals see a fence topped with razor wire, they’ll think twice about trying to get into your property. Razor wire makes chain link fences virtually unclimbable; people will move on to easier targets when they see your razor wire.

If you’re in charge of a razor wire install, here are some tips to help everything go smoothly. Our biggest advice: be careful! Razor wire can cause sever injuries if you’re not careful, and needs to be handled accordingly.

1. Parallel wire length (PWL) which is the total length of wire placed horizontally above your fence. These are usually composed of three wires placed on parallel lines with at least a 1 foot distance from each other. To compute the total wire length for this, use the following formula:

Parallel wire length = fence perimeter length x 3

2. Coiling wire length (CWL) which is the total length of the wire placed on the parallel wires. Use this only if you chose to install the said coiling wires for added security. Compute for the wire length as follows:

Coiling wire length = Coils per foot x fence perimeter x average length per coil of wire

As a result the total wire length needed in your installation will be equal to the combined length of the PWL and CWL. Don’t forget to use feet in all wire measurements.

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