Sterilization Pouches

Sterilization Pouches
Origin:Made In China
Category:Services / Therapies
Label:Sterilization Pouch , sterilizer pouch , sterilizing pouches
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Min. Order:10000 pc
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Product Description

Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches are made of multi-layer barrier films and medical sterilization paper. Use medical adhesive tape seal quickly and safely without any sealing machines.

Using Method:

1. Choose correct size for Sterilization Pouch, which adjust to the item to be sterilized, otherwise the pouch might be broken.
2. Put the sharp instrument direction towards the seal to make sure open the Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouch safely.
3. Fold along the folding line, and then tear double sided tape, seal the pouch carefully, then put it into the related sterilized equipments.
4. After disinfection, attention to the indicator's color change, it will turn brown from blue based on STEAM, and it will turn orange from pink based on ETO sterilization method.

Product Specifications:

Item No. Size Manner of packing Outer carton size N.W. G.W.
MSSP057130 57x130mm 200pcs/box 50boxes/ctn 35x29x31cm 8.6kg 9.3kg
MSSP070260 70x260mm 200pcs/box 10boxes/ctn 35x29x18cm 4.2kg 4.5kg
MSSP083160 83x160mm 200pcs/box 10boxes/ctn 35x35x27cm 9.2kg 10kg
MSSP090165 90x165mm 200pcs/box 20boxes/ctn 36x35x21cm 6.9kg 7.5kg
MSSP090260 90x260mm 200pcs/box 10boxes/ctn 35x29x21cm 5.4kg 5.8kg
MSSP090550 90x550mm 200pcs/box 10boxes/ctn 57x35x21cm 11.4kg 12kg
MSSP135260 135x260mm 200pcs/box 10boxes/ctn 35x28x30cm 8.1kg 8.6kg
MSSP135280 135x280mm 200pcs/box 10boxes/ctn 35x30x30cm 8.7kg 9.5kg
MSSP135300 135x300mm 200pcs/box 10boxes/ctn 35x33x30cm 9.4kg 10kg
MSSP135380 135x380mm 200pcs/box 10boxes/ctn 40x35x30cm 11.8kg 12.5kg
MSSP155260 155x260mm 200pcs/box 10boxes/ctn 35x29x34cm 9.3kg 10kg
MSSP190360 190x360mm 200pcs/box 5boxes/ctn 39x35x22cm 8.5kg 9.5kg
MSSP200360 200x360mm 200pcs/box 5boxes/ctn 39x35x22cm 8.3kg 9kg
MSSP230395 230x395mm 200pcs/box 5boxes/ctn 42x35x25cm 10.5kg 11.2kg
MSSP300395 300x395mm 200pcs/box 5boxes/ctn 42x35x32cm 13.7kg 14.5kg
MSSP305430 305x430mm 200pcs/box 5boxes/ctn 46x35x32cm 15.1kg 16.2kg
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