Tianchang Shengxiang Electromechanical Trading Co., Ltd.

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Tianchang Shengxiang Electromechanical Trading Co., Ltd.

Tianchang Shengxiang Electromechanical Trading Co., Ltd. is a company possessing autonomous import and export right, giving priority to import and export sales and trading. The company is located in Tianchang city of Anhui province, possessing its own production base and qualified suppliers.

At present, main items operated by the company: Ship's outfits (marine weather tight doors, steel doors, hydraulic slide watertight doors, hydraulic watertight fireproof doors, fireproof doors, watertight fireproof doors, rectangular windows, cab fixed windows, portholes, fire-proof windows, manhole covers, hatch covers, and oil tank covers); Pump valve machineries (marine valves, marine pumps, industrial pumps, industrial valves, ball valves, check valves, stop valves, butterfly valves, regulating valves, centrifugal pumps, self-priming pumps, and wear-resisting anti-corrosive pumps etc. ); Instruments and meters (industrial thermal resistance, industrial thermocouples, pressure gage series, bimetal thermometers, paperless recorders, pressure transmitters, temperature transmitter, intelligent display instruments, liquid level meters, flow meters, guard gratings, electrical quantity transducers, intelligent power monitors, and digital display regulators etc. ); Cable bridges (power cables, cables for electric equipments, fiber-optic cables, special cables, communication cables, and crane span structure series etc. ); Industrial protection sealing arrangements (environmental protection, ventilation, bridge, mine, civil defense, airtight blast doors, and covers); Chain rotating equipments (chains and chain wheels); Laboratory equipments (various lab outfit systems and lab accessories); Electrical equipments, mechanical equipments, electromechanical control equipments, and parts.

The company is established in powerful manufacturing industry market locally, choosing mechanical products which are attractive in product and quality for customers, through such links as technical r

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Company Name:Tianchang Shengxiang Electromechanical Trading Co., Ltd.

An Hui - China

Address:Room 208, Commercial and Residential Building No. 1, Western District, New Shuangyuan Village, South Xinerfeng Road, Tianchang City
Zip/Postal code:-
Contact Person:Cao kunpeng (salesman)


Business Nature:Trading Company
Founded Year:2013
Number of Employees:5 ~ 20

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