BROTHER Grinding machine oil mist purifier

BROTHER Grinding machine oil mist purifier
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Product Description

BROTHER Oil mist purifier alias: oil mist purifier, oil mist collector, oil mist separator filter, oil mist, oil mist collector, oil mist device, etc.


Field of the modern mechanical processing, CNC CNC lathe, CNC cleaning machine, surface grinder, CNC gear hobbing machine, CNC milling machine and the slotting machine, pure oil vacuum pump, spray test chamber, electrical discharge machining, CNC machining center generally use emulsion or cooling oil as cooling fluid, in the production process to produce large amounts of oil mist and smoke (the process of nc machine tools, general will produce contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS) part of a large number of oil mist, recessive and seriously damage the staff's physical and mental health, and oil mist diffuses in the processing workshop disgusting, be agitated, affects the production efficiency; second, if let the spread of the oil mist in the workshop for a long time, will also lead to component damage caused by the loss of numerical control system), directly affect the production of the factory, and harmful to the physical and mental health of employees. The red jersey oil mist purifier mainly aimed at the machine to collect oil mist purification of purification space environment, can also make the emulsion or cooling oil recycling. Oil mist collector is also called the oil mist separator, oil mist purifier, oil mist processor, etc.


In today's people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the choice can eliminate oil mist, pure and fresh air environment, and can make expensive cutting oil, recycled and recycling equipment, will be integrated with multiple factors. The red jersey oil mist purifier is light, flexible installation, firm structure, the significance of the cost of equipment investment spending, is actually a deeper cut and reduce production costs, more to the "people-oriented" humanistic care.


However, because of the high grinding wheel speed, grinding wheel and more hard, brittle, can not stand the heavier impact, accidental improper operation, through the grinding wheel can cause very serious consequences. Therefore, the security technology of grinding work appears especially important, must adopt reliable safety protection device, operation to concentration, to ensure foolproof. In addition, the grinding wheel on the artifacts of splash out fine sand dust and metal scrap, hurt workers' eyes, if a large number of workers in this kind of dust is harmful to the body, also should take appropriate protective measures.

The advantages of the BROTHER oil mist purifier:


Safe and secure


BROTHER Oil mist purifier is different from the static type oil mist purifier, need not worry high volts itself is easy to produce sparks, and easy to be high volt is the danger of electric shock.


The body is made of aluminum, careless in the process of machining cutting hard iron into, will also be special aluminum pieces flung out quickly and get away from the machine, due to the physical properties of aluminum body without concern about the process of high-speed friction will produce a spark of Mars, in many ways to provide security.


Motor designed for external form, collects fog synthesis gas by internal fluid channel one hundred percent don't contact with the motor, and the traditional collector were qualitatively different, don't worry about whether the collected gas temperature below 40 ℃ and 50 ℃; BR series lampblack purification collector can handle a similar steam temperature of gas-liquid mixture, and don't have to worry too much about high temperature can make the motor damage.


Motor shell for aluminium, with the eu safety for each motor and CE standard custom, colleagues in order to ensure the BR series collector, high stability, and safety standard configuration are provided in each collector magnetic drive protection device, multi-level security features of its long service life.


Save space, save costs, save time


Installation space province: don't need to set up support, placed above machine can be used directly. Upper host for level a week rotation, the elasticity and abundant space.


Operating cost province: apart from electrostatic, fine filtration unit and other types of subsequent cost burden, often can appear early follow-up operation cost that is far more than the cost per unit to buy. Because of BR series oil mist purifier its unique design concept, only need to configure a tiny amount of filtration unit, and this unit can be light after a blow or wash the reusable, excluding the cleaning or washing rather than replaced, with BR series oil mist purifier unit provided by the standard configuration, can easily meet their run 1-3 years, then run again the next 1 to 3 years, only need input costs around RMB 100-200, if the cleaning or washing time, will give more exact and low operation cost.


Maintenance time savings: physical mechanics principle to complete the main collection, instead of the conventional using electrostatic in addition to soot and the main body of the fine filtration unit to collect way, abandon its defects, without cumbersome to maintain and clean. For low maintenance characteristics of people-oriented, the maintenance of the BR series oil mist purification collector usually 15 seconds to complete.


Constant, low loss, high efficiency.


Constant capacity: different type with other part, BR series can be used in the very long period, and maintain its constant processing capacity of processing; Will not be reduced by using duration processing capacity even gradient become empty rotating part without effect.


High efficiency: BR series oil mist oil mist purifier ontology capture efficiency up to 99.85% (weight method test). Special occasions with very high requirements, to meet the higher requirements, also can easily finish, BR series designed for the multistage structure, matching different cells can be used according to different environment; Configure efficient end filtration unit (general case without configuration), can capture size is 0.12 um and 0.3 um particles.


Low air flow loss, low loss streamlined design structure, fluid collection of oil mist energy, processing efficiency is higher.


High reliability: aluminum body weight is light, firm structure, service life is long, virtually maintenance free. And special direction moving parts, so that the original ZhenDongLi to aerodynamics upward absorption and elimination of almost no vibration, so will not affect the primary machine machining precision by the collector is running.


High recovery ability: when 24 hours in use, in order to more routine processing machine as an example to collect 0.5 1 liter of cutting oil, 365 days a year calculation, single collection for 360 * 0.5 = 180 liters a year. Close to a barrel of oil (200 liters) of oil.

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