Oil mist collector

Oil mist collector
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Label:oil mist collector , oil mist eliminator , oil purification
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Product Description

High Efficiency oil mist collector :

High Efficiency:
BR Series body oil mist collection efficiency up to 99.85% (weighing method). Special occasions, demanding to meet the higher requirements, but also easy to complete, BR series multi-level design structure, according to different use of the environment match the different units; configuration high end of the filter unit (the general case no configuration), can trap or 0.3um particle size of 0.12um particles. 

Constant capacity:
Unlike other  type, BR series may, in its extremely long useful life, to maintain its constant capacity and processing character; will not extend the time limit and reduce the use of processing power and even become ineffective air rotation gradient pieces. 

Low air loss:
low-loss design structure streamlined fluid to collect oil mist energy, processing more efficient.  

High reliability:
lighter weight aluminum body, r ed, long life, virtually maintenance-free. Horizontal direction and a special rotating moving parts, so that the original shock to the aerodynamics forces and the elimination of almost no upward shock absorption, it will not affect the operation of the collector host device processing accuracy.

High recovery capacity:
24 hours when used in a more conventional processing machine as about 0.5-1 liters of cutting oil can be collected, 365 days per year and single year of collection for the 360 × 0.5 = 180 liters. Near a barrel of oil (200 liters) fuel.

 Collection efficiency (machining oil mist purifier)
>Oil mist collectors capture efficiency: 99.85% (weight method test)
>Test object: oil mist collector body (excluding tail optional filter unit)

 Data are derived and some of the conditions (machining oil mist purifier)
>a. Mean of six tests: 99.67%, 99.88%, 99.65%, 99.97%, 99.96%, 99.98%.
>b. continued on 1.2m3 space spray mist nozzle pressure range between 0.45 ~ 0.7MPa.
>c. oil mist collector body in the inlet, exhaust oil mist collection synchronization quality of each acquisition time of 5 minutes 15 seconds.
>d. Ambient temperature: 25 , relative humidity: 55%; quality analysis equipment, maximum recognition: 0.1mg.
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