High-precision CCD vision alignment automatic screen printing machine

High-precision CCD vision alignment automatic screen printing machine
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Product Description

TM-FPC5070 High-precision CCD vision alignment automatic screen printing machine

Item Paremeter
print size 500*700mm
table size 600*800mm
max frame size 600*1000mm
min frame size 450*650mm
frame thickness 25~45mm
CCD size 500*700mm
CCD Precision ±0.005mm
print thickness 0.05~50mm
plate to table 8mm
print speed 5~100mm/sec
print speed 300pcs/h
Printing pressure 4~6kgf/cm2
Flatness of table ±0.05mm
run Accuracy ±0.02mm
overprint accuracy ≤0.008mm
plate max up 400~500mm
plate print strock 0~25mm
Scraper adjustable angle ±15°
Scraper rotation angle ±15°
flood bar adjustable angle ±15°
power 380V/50Hz/1.5KW
machine size 3200x1800x2050 mm


 Scope of adaptation
High-precision flat screen printing in a dust-free working environment, such as IT glass, LCD, EL, circuit board solder paste, silicon glue, flexible circuit, main base
Board etc.


Main performance
1) The overall structure is a horizontal printing platform with left and right displacement structure, and the printing frame can be raised and lowered.
2) Control mode 1: Touch screen (human-machine interface) integrated control panel and industrial computer control circuit.
3) Printing drive-a servo system drives the printing carriage. High and low printing speed is balanced, high speed without impact, low speed without crawling.
4) The platform drives a servo system to drive the printing platform to move left and right, precise positioning, positioning accuracy ≤ 0.006 mm.
5) Squeegee pressure-The pressure action of printing and ink recovery is coordinated and controlled by PLC, and pneumatic pressure is applied.
6) Printing stroke one photoelectric eye sensor to control printing stroke, independent adjustment, convenient and reliable adjustment.
7) The lifting of the printing frame is driven by a precision cylinder, the surface is oriented by the column with grinding and hardening treatment, and the lifting height is 400-500mm.
8) Work platform-
: Overall precision grinding high-strength hardness platform, 10x10 uniformly distributed f0.8 suction holes.
9) Vacuum adsorption is a high-performance vacuum generator from Japan SMC.
10) Platform adjustment-a printing platform X, Y, θ are automatically aligned by CCD recognition "+".
11) The knife holder can be lifted and lowered by the lifting plate of the knife holder, and the precision linear slide guide device is convenient and flexible for screen cleaning, adjustment, inking and deinking.
12) Squeegee adjustment: a squeegee/return ink holder is equipped with a dial, which can adjust the distance and squeegee angle at will.
13) Install an anti-static device on the left side of the printing table and install a dust cover (FFU filter) in the printing area

Structure configuration description

1,product structure:Vertical + platform sliding

2, Screen printing board system:
Fixed printing plate: cantilever structure, the printing plate is locked on the net clamp and can be adjusted axially.
Tool post lifting: pneumatic + manual control
Screen printing plate distance adjustment: manual precision lifting

3, printing system
Printing drive: Panasonic servo system
Printing guide: Shangyin square linear guide
Printing pressure: SMC pneumatic, precision scale fine adjustment
Platform material: imported alloy aluminum special process treatment
Wiping system: SMC pneumatic switching control

4,Platform system:
Platform drag: servo system
CCD: Maite or Shiqing
Platform guide: upper silver square linear guide.
Automatic alignment: CCD automatically corrects the "+" mark, and automatically adjusts X, Y, and θ.

5. Control system
Control circuit: Mitsubishi PLC + touch screen
Pneumatic control: SMC solenoid valve, etc.
Constant pressure proportional valve: SMC


Random configuration list (set/set)
1, 1 tool box
2, 1 set of hexagon wrench
3. 1 font screw knife
4. 1 cross-shaped screw knife 1
5. Scraper handle and ink-returning knife handle (1000/800) each 1 set
6. Several electrical accessories (fuses, etc.)
7. 1 product manual

High-precision CCD vision alignment automatic screen printing machine 1High-precision CCD vision alignment automatic screen printing machine 2High-precision CCD vision alignment automatic screen printing machine 3High-precision CCD vision alignment automatic screen printing machine 4High-precision CCD vision alignment automatic screen printing machine 5

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