ATC K45MT-3 The bull wheeled tool change wood engraving machine

ATC K45MT-3 The bull wheeled tool change wood engraving machine
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Product Description

 K45MT-3 The bull wheeled tool change wood engraving machine



Bulls a wheeled tool change woodworking engraving machine designed for customers to improve the efficiency of design ,2-4 head cylinder control can switch to easily complete multi-channel customer design program (workpiece requirements tool change in less than 2-4 knife ), which eliminates the need for cumbersome intermediate hand-tool change, multi-process product is suitable for the production of wooden doors, furniture, musical instruments. Of this subsection equipment can catch up with the processing efficiency of multiple wood engraving machine.
Performance features:
Back to the origin. Intelligent control: industrial intelligent integrated machine control system, with a breakpoint, continued carving off function, with automatic error correction function effectively in work around the clock to ensure the processing precision; support U disk operation, free of computer The virus interferes with the characteristics of high reliability, high efficiency, and easy to learn, customers can quickly use flexibility.
Humanized design: intelligent processing cross-border protection functions to prevent mechanical collision caused the phenomenon of the design area beyond processing amplitude; the intelligent processing speed control: You can control the processing speed, truly improve processing efficiency, extended tool life, increase yield.
3 unique mechanical design: any spindle by regulating can be arbitrary processing work surface material of knives accurate, high-speed, high processing efficiency, with the real machine to improve efficiency without wasting resources.
Software support functions: steady state-of-the-art three-curve prediction algorithm, polylines, can ensure that the curve of speed and accuracy; paper pretreated advanced features to help the user to correct the error in the processing of documents in a timely manner, and good compatibility at home and abroad processing code generated by a variety of software (as of MasterCAM, Type3, UG, AutoCAD, ArtCAM, Proe, carved, etc.).
Wooden doors and furniture decoration industry: solid wood and composite doors, cabinet doors, large area flat-plate engraving, wood carved engraving and milling, carving panel furniture, antique mahogany furniture carved wood art murals and sculpture, and other industries;
Wooden handicrafts processing: watch box, Photo Frame, thin aluminum crafts engraving and milling engraving, the electrical counter tops, sporting goods equipment;
Electronics industry: board, insulation materials, LED displays, home appliances (color TV, washing machine, refrigerator) shell or model engraving engraving and milling;
Musical instrument manufacturing industry: carving instrument three-dimensional surface, shape cutting, such as large violin panel headstock carved engraving and milling;
The EVA processing industry: EVA materials, packaging tools, equipment, medical equipment, electronic products, glassware lined engraving engraving and milling.
Technical parameters:

 Configuration name

The bull wheeled tool change wood engraving machine

Table size

1400mm*3250mm(Processing travel demand customized)

Working stroke

1300mm*2500mm*250mm(Processing travel demand customized)

Maximum engraving speed


Processing accuracy



Air-cooled spindle 4.5KW

Spindle speed



Taiwan Delta converter

Machine tool drive system

X, Y axis PMI square rail + Taiwan YYC rack drive
Z-axis PMI square rail + TBI screw drive

Tool diameter


Drive system

A triaxial three phase stepper motor driver

Optional three-axis AC servo motor drive

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