Fence, wire fence

Fence, wire fence
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Product Description

Fence netting according to production characteristics can be divided into two kinds. A for welded wire mesh fence, the other is a hook wire mesh fence. Both fence netting is widely used in protection. Welded wire mesh fence is by electric welding machine for the wire mesh, cold galvanized iron wire or galvanized wire after welding, then through bending, plastic spraying or multi-channel processes such as PVC processing. Corrosion resistance, beautiful, and effectively play a protection, etc. Hook wire mesh fence is a hook for all kinds of wire mesh machine, including PVC wire, cold and hot galvanized wire, etc. Hook weaving and become. With impact resistant ability is strong, beautiful, corrosion resistance, good protection.


Frame fence netting


Is a kind of flexible assembly products, widely used in China's highway, railway, highway, etc.;


Both can be made into a permanent wall, and can be used as a temporary cars, just different


Pillar fixed way can be implemented. Common product specifications:


Mesh (mm) : 75 x150 50 * 50


X3000 mesh (mm) : 1800


Side box (mm) : 20 x30x1. 5


Mesh jinsu (mm) : 0.7 to 0.8


After mesh model (mm) : 6.8


Pillar size (mm) : 48 x2x2200 integral bending: 30 °


The bending length (mm) : 300


The column spacing (mm) : 3000


Columns embedded (mm) : 250-250


Embedded foundation (mm) : x300x300 500 or 400 x400 x400


Product advantages: beautiful, durable, deformation, fast installation, is an ideal metal wall, various industries have been widely used.


Triangle bending fence netting


Common specifications: triangle bending guardrail mesh jinsu wire diameter: 5.0 mm


The grid size: 50 mm X 180 mm


Pillar size: 48 mm X 2.5 mm


Mesh size: 2.3 m X 2.9 m


To strengthen four grid: 50 x50mm


Structure: with high strength after cold drawing and low carbon steel wire welding after hydraulic forming, with links to the attachment with fixed steel stanchions.


Features: high strength, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, broad vision, installation is simple, feel bright, easy.


Product advantage:


Suitable bending, contributed to this product is unique and beautiful effect, use a variety of colors and surface jinsu processing, such as yellow, green, red, columns with different mesh the collocation of color is more pleasing, at the same time, this product is used more with chassis, the post installation just make good expansion bolt, very fast.


Applicable occasions:


Seine railway closed fence mesh, living area, district, development zone, cars and so on


Stadium fence netting


Stadium fence net is a kind of field fence, also known as the stadium fence, sports venues fence, the stadium fence Seine purse Seine nets, the stadium fence, stadiums and sports, etc., including tennis venue purse Seine, basketball court purse Seine, football field fence, badminton courts, purse Seine, volleyball venue Seine purse Seine, golf courses, purse Seine, the school playground, track and field fence, sports Seine and playground purse-seining.

Due to the particularity of the stadium fence mesh, usually use hook wire mesh fence netting, it has the advantage of product color bright, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, complete specifications, smooth surface, strong tension, not easily influenced by outside force collision deformation, strong impact resistance and elastic. Site construction installation flexibility, shape and size can be adjusted according to site requirements at any time.

Stadium fence mesh general specifications are as follows:

1, plastic coated wire diameter: 3.8 mm;

2, mesh 50 mm X 50 mm;

3, size: 3000 mm (width) X 4000 mm (high);

4, pillar: 60/2.5 MM diameter steel pipe;

5, horizontal column: 48/2 mm diameter steel pipe welding;

6, connection mode: card;

7, anticorrosive processing: plastic.

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