Usb SanDisk memory CARDS moving printing machine

Usb SanDisk memory CARDS moving printing machine
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OAP - 161 ce monochromatic oil cup disc pad printing machine (10 station rotary table, PLC touch screen, automatic cutting machine, automatic clean gum head function, adjustable electric blower system, location x, y)

Oil cup standard diameter: 90 mm Φ

Oil cup plate size: 240 * 100 mm

The print head pressure: 120 par

Fastest speed: 1500 cycles per hour

The thickness of the standard calendar: 300 mm

Voltage/power: 220/50 hz / 50 w

Air pressure requirements: 4 to 6 bar

Machine weight: 170 kg

The fuselage size: 850 * 1350 * 1450 (LxWxHmm)

Nicky oulette pad printing machine series:

1 the most precise rubber head CNC trimming function, rubber head printing deformation

2 the world on a pad printing machine configuration to shoot the light, convenient to do the color

3 patent blowing nicky oulette system design, to ensure the printing effect more perfect

4 original Germany, Japan international brand pneumatic components, ensure the machine quality

5 multi-function extension computer socket, an update to system rapidly changing accessories

Nicky oulette intelligent pad printing machine series products are widely used:

Plastic products, stationery, toys, pens, electronics, electrical appliances, computer components, plastic, metal, ceramics, handicrafts, wood products, cosmetics, medical equipment, electronic components, mobile phone casing, accurate printing, in aspects of car interior trim can be realized on the object plane and curved surface, the most beautiful and high quality printing effect.


Pad printing machine machine description:

(1) automatic computer control, operating procedures, flexible and reliable

(2) the nose can be set-up, convenient replacement ink, glue head, steel plate, parts

(3) ink plate and print head randomly changing into a multicolor printing purposes, break through the general mechanical properties, more flexible

(4) each oil pan X, Y, Angle independent set-up, accurater, improve production efficiency


(5) the airframe adopt aluminum alloy die-casting frame, both light and strong

(6) fully adopt Japan (FESTO) precision pneumatic components, the parts of the computer numerical control machine is the guarantee of confidence

(7) stalwart and hardening axis bearing from the reliable manufacturer, to ensure that reduce maintenance is not easy to wear and tear, greatly extend the life of the parts

(8) automatic scraper system can use nylon board or steel plate, easy set-up, accurater, improve production efficiency and quality

Plastic board (9) equipped with safety and emergency power cut off system, in line with international industry safety standards

(10) moving printing machine extension performance according to the specific requirements of customers printing objects of different shapes.


Functional features

1, microcomputer control each function action, the operation is simple and convenient.

Automatic counter 2, with four digits.

3, the machine structure is made of high quality aluminum alloy, light strong.

4, oil roller inking, installation and convenient cleaning.

5, independent of the plastic head of stroke and speed regulating.

6, oil automatic balance of the knife, a clean wiper.

7, can two sticky pad printing ink, in order to obtain larger printing ink.

Blank line before and after 8, can not glue, prevent a continual ink dry solid.


Pad printing principle

Pad printing is a kind of indirect concave rubber head printing technology, has become all kinds of surface printing and decoration of a main method.

First the designs will be etched on the printing plate, the etching plate coated with ink, and then, through the silicone head will most of the ink transfer printing on printing objects.

Applicable scope: all kinds of electronic products in the printing, such as computer keyboards, mobile phone keyboard, electronic panels, the telephone, and watches and clocks, glass, toys, ceramics, daily necessities, gifts, metal materials, plastic products logo, design, text, etc., can also be designed for special product demand special models.

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