German Stainless steel sieve re-mesh stretch table

German Stainless steel sieve re-mesh stretch table
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Label:screen re-mesh table , screen Stretch table , Mesh Stretch table
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Product Description

The main technical parameters:
1. Maximum net area: 3000 * 3000mm
2. Minimum mesh size: 800 * 800mm
3. turbine tensioners manually tension 30 Newton
4. Dimension: 3200 * 3200 * 860mm. (L * W * H)
5. Weight: 480kg.
Double clamp
Legs with rollers can change the size of the table

worm gear type re-mesh stretch table can withstand 50~55 Newtons for work a long time,but
Rubber pads are not durable and need to be replaced frequently,
Extra spare clips, estimated to be replaced a year
Safe warning:
Only Stainless steel sieve  can withstand 50 Newtons  tension
Screen printing mesh can withstand up to 28 Newtons

sieves and screening Stretching Machine     is a new widening aluminum alloy structure, double chuck design (small gap between the chucks, tension). Travel with special guide rail, manual fine-tuning easy, large tension for the electronics industry, the production of high Newton steel mesh.
Chinese name: pull net machine
For: silk screen version of the drawing
Suitable for color printing screen
Features Simple, convenient and fast.
Hand wheel mechanical drawing machine: mainly used for silk screen printing system, especially for color printing screen printing, high-precision single-sided circuit version. Simple, convenient and fast.


1. Netting chuck and frame all made of special alloy profiles, to ensure that after the deformation without deformation.
2. Chuck with a new design of the net folder structure, high tension after not slip network, not loose.
3. The chuck can be slid left and right to ensure uniform tension.
4. Single-sided pull-line hand wheel through the tooth chain synchronous transmission power, to ensure single-sided chuck tension synchronization.
5. pneumatically lift tables. Top net with pneumatic lift, flexible and reliable.
Delivery time

1. First, according to the size of the grid frame to adjust the area, and then lock the casters
2. Select the appropriate frame support to place it on the web
3. Adjust the handwheel, so that the distance between the tip of the frame in the 5-6mm, in order to avoid the process of pulling the net due to increased yarn tension, the network box to withstand the yarn caused by broken yarn.
4. Flatten the yarn, with the net folder to fix the edge of the net yarn, and then slowly rotating the four sides of the rack hand wheel, so that the yarn slowly in the tension state, so repeated until the tension of the yarn almost equal , The size of the tension to summarize the mesh of the mesh and texture, the net is good after the best use of tension meter for the final inspection, Note: the yarn tension can not be pulled in place, must be separated several times, such as: 40n, first pulled 15n, after at least 5 minutes after the stay, only to pull 20n so repeatedly pull the net can.
5. Adjust the handwheel, so that the network box to rise, pay attention to the network box evenly contact the yarn, and then in the network box and mesh contact with the place coated with vine gum, Note: must wait for dry, The yarn is removed.
6. After the other stretch, pull the valve, so that the hand wheel back to the initial position, turn off the power.
1) hand wheel; when the hand wheel to the left rotation, the yarn is in tension, when the hand wheel to the right when the yarn is in a relaxed state.
2) the activities of casters; when you want to adjust the area of ​​the net pull the net when the first release casters, screws
3) fixed feet; the entire cable machine fixed support.
4) the head screw; when you want to adjust the position of the hand wheel in the rack, first release the screw, in order to fix the hand wheel.
5) Rack
6) net folder; in the pull yarn, for the four sides of the fixed yarn, in order to facilitate the use of screen to achieve the best.
7) frame support frame
8) universal handle; when adjusting the net pull the net area of ​​the machine, the first release on the four sides of the universal handle, in order to adjust the cable machine, so that the cylinder on the four sides of the box on the diagonal.

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