MR series helical bevel gear hard tooth surface reducer

MR series helical bevel gear hard tooth surface reducer
Model:MR37 47 57 67
Origin:Made In China
Category:Industrial Supplies / Machinery / Transmission
Label:sew helical gear mot
Price: US $300 / pc
Min. Order:1 pc
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Product Description

Covers six specifications of the single stage reducer and 14 specifications of machine of decelerate of level 2, level 3, MR series helical geared motor perfectly meet the demand of the power and the ratio of installation space, proven modular concept and strict quality standards, provide diversification, torque and transmission ratio grading fine products. This special diversity, marla force set a new standard in the field of drive technology.

The main features

1. The power 0.12 KW to 160 KW

2. Ratio of reducer 1/1.65-1/14340; Two-stage deceleration combination 1:11, 1-1:33, 818

3. Torque 43-4000 Nm

4. Completely closed and sealed to prevent dust and water from entering

5. Do not change the oil for the first time until 16,000 hours after use

6. Gear surface is in full contact, with large stressed area, high torque and transmission efficiency up to 98%

7. Good meshing performance, low vibration, low noise, smooth transmission

8. Power supply unit 110/220/380/415/660/690v, 50/60hz

9. Enclosure IP55 (standard),IP66 (optional)

Main materials/materials

1. High quality forged steel materials, steel cast iron box, gear surface after high-frequency heat treatment and gear grinding

2. Internally and externally reinforced gear boxes, which can ensure long service life and reduce maintenance workload.

3 silent operation is a signature feature, so MR series can also provide a comfortable and healthy working environment.

4. Ensuring minimum maintenance is the main feature of the motor. Normally, it is necessary to replace the lubricating oil with mineral oil after 16,000 hours of operation, or with synthetic oil after 28,000 hours of operation.

5. All highly interchangeable reducer performance, can request custom IEC motor brand interface can be applied to all countries in the world, which not only provides customers with more choice and flexibility 6. Flexible installed in various locations. MR series device can be installed in any position, namely: horizontal, vertical, or hanging position, in order to meet any requirement


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