screen printing stencil platesetter LED vacuum exposure machine

screen printing stencil platesetter LED vacuum exposure machine
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Product Description

TMEP-5060LED vacuum LED exposure machine

 Technical Parameters:

Diazo film exposure times as long as the 380S~600s will be able to meet the requirements

lamp F40W/T10/154 1200MM dia32mm 2500lm


TMEP-5060 vacuum exposure machine 

Working table type

10mm High transmittance Glass

Lamp cover

Stainless steel reflection cover, automatically door

Max Exposure Area

400 x 500mm

Max frame size

400 x 500mm

Lamp wattage

220V, 15W*8

Vacuum degree



790*760*240mm 450kg

Plate type

Pad plate, ZN-Plate, Cooperplate, Polymer plate, screen frame

Advantages of UVLED exposure machine compared with traditional exposure machine
1. Single band, high photoelectric conversion rate, uniform irradiation energy:
The traditional exposure machine (mercury lamp) is scattered light, which is composed of bulbs, electrodes and discharge gas. The wavelength of the emitted light source is between 350-450nm, the spectrum is long, the UV utilization rate is low, and the energy uniformity is only 70-80%; The UVLED exposure machine is a parallel light source, which emits 365nm/395nm single-band light source, has no clutter energy consumption, and the energy uniformity can reach 90%, which is suitable for the precision circuit industry.
2. High efficiency and energy saving:
The mercury lamp needs to be turned on in advance to preheat the device when it is in use, and it needs to be turned on all the time during work, which consumes a lot of power; UVLED uses UV diode chips to emit light, which can be instantly lit and the output energy can be set by itself, which is very energy-saving and easy to operate.
three. No harmful emissions, safe and environmentally friendly:
The traditional exposure machine (mercury lamp) emits a spectrum with a wavelength below 200nm, which will change oxygen O2 in the air to produce ozone O3 (the mercury lamp workshop will have a small smell), and the mercury lamp itself will also bring mercury pollution. There is no effective way to deal with mercury pollution; while the UVLED exposure machine is a light-emitting UV diode chip, which is the conversion of electrical energy into light energy. It is a clean and environmentally friendly curing method that produces pollution.
Four, long service life, no consumables:
The service life of the mercury lamp is 300-600h, and the mercury lamp bulb needs to be replaced regularly; the UVLED exposure lamp can be used for more than 20,000 hours, and the UVLED curing light source can be used for several years.

Application & Features:


A low cost and convenient exposure unit for pad stencil exposure. It can be applied for thick steel plate, thin steel plate and photo-polymer plate image, screen frame, etc. The built-in digital timer provides excellent exposure timing control. With vacuum and rubber to ensure well exposure condition. 

1, UV curing lamp in two ways:
(UV mercury lamps) UV curing lamps generally contain mercury wavelengths (250-420) peak 365nm. UVLED curing lamps, light emitting diodes have peak 395,365,385,375.
2, the exposure lamp containing gallium iodide wavelength (350nm-450nm), peak 417nm.
      Application of two light sources are not the same industry, a mercury lamp UV curing UV inks UV glue; exposure lamp is mainly used in the PS plate exposure, non-silver films, diazonium salt film, dry film solder mask, wet film, green solder resist , liquid photosensitive solder resist, screen, film, resin version, PCM diazo film and other photosensitive material exposure.

UV-LED line light exposure machine advantages:
    1, long life: life is more than 10 times that of traditional iodine gallium lamp funnel type exposure machine, about 25,000 to 30,000 hours. 
    2, cold light, no heat radiation, according to the film surface temperature is low, resolved exposure work long-standing problem of heat deformation affects line accuracy. Especially for high precision  film exposure requirements applicable to small temperature rise of the occasion. 
    3, heat a small, solve the gallium lamp heat, staff in clean room unbearable problem. 
    4, instant light, no warm-up instantly reach 100% power UV output. 
    5, from the opening and closing times on long life. 
    6, high energy, light output stable, good illumination uniformity effect.
    7, the effective radiation area size can be customized .
    8, the maximum illumination intensity of up to 6000mw / cm2. 
    9, it does not produce ozone, it is to replace traditional light source technology a safer, more environmentally friendly choice. 
    10, low energy consumption, power consumption is only 10% of the traditional uv lamp type exposure machine can save 90% power.
     11, small size, easy to carry, and only 1/8 the size of traditional  funnel exposure machine.
     12, the maintenance cost is almost zero, using Tamprinter UV-LED equipment annual savings of at least 1,000 $ / SET supplies costs

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