UBLOX original authentic module NEO-M8T

UBLOX original authentic module NEO-M8T
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Product Description

LEA-M8T / NEO-M8T GNSS timing module
Key features:
& GT; Concurrent receiving GPS / QZSS, GLONASS, Beidou
& GT; Market leader's first positioning and tracking sensitivity
& GT; Optimizing accuracy and availability using measurements and single satellite timing
& GT; Low periodicity, minimal power consumption
& GT; Integrated monitoring and alarm, maximum reliability
& GT; Multiple GNSS raw data, IMES message data
& GT; Integrated monitoring and alarm, maximum reliability
& GT; Backward compatibility LEA5T, LEA6T and NEO6T
LEA-M8T / NEO-M8T GNSS timing module introduction:
1. The Swiss company U blox, a global leader that provides cellular and positioning modules and integrated chips for automotive, industrial and consumer markets, announced the launch of the NEO-M8T and LEA-M8T precision timing modules. These two sophisticated surface mount modules can produce precision reference clocks with an accuracy of less than 20 nanoseconds(20 NS). Its receiver is highly sensitive(with the auxiliary GNSS function, it can provide -157 dBm signal acquisition) and can be quickly started even in buildings with limited vision. The precision reference clock was obtained from multi-GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite System) such as GPS, GLONASS and Beidou.
2. The LEA-M8T module is compatible with the existing LEA-5T / 6T design occupancy area and can therefore be easily upgraded. NEO-M8T has been optimized for time-use applications that require low power consumption and long battery life, such as seismometers used to measure seismic fields. These two modules meet the strict requirements of reliability, accuracy and low power consumption.
3. Thomas Nigg, vice president of marketing for u-blox products, said: "In terms of accuracy, reliability, and power consumption, these two new modules are the highest-performing GNSS timing modules in the industry. They provide the perfect solution for infrastructure systems that have important tasks, such as mobile communication networks, power generation and distribution systems, and seismic measurement systems. "
4. The NEO and LEA-M8T modules, with multi-GNSS, are follow-up products to the existing PPS timing module of u-blox. They are compatible with the PPS timing module pins and complement the previously released GNSS frequency reference module LEAM8F.
5. NEO-M8T is only 12.2 X 16.0 mm in size, and LEA-M8T is 17.0 X 22.4 mm. These two modules have RAIM(Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring) and alarm function, so they can provide high integrity and reliability, which is very important for applications that require extremely high reliability. The module can provide two time pulse outputs with configurations ranging from one minute to 10 MHz. They can also output multi-GNSS RAW data, including carrier phase, code phase, and pseudo-range.
These two modules can provide time according to any international standard, including correction of intergalactic offset. Due to the characteristics of Survey-in and single-satellite timing, timing accuracy and timing availability can also be increased when only one satellite provides signals. In addition, support for low cycle operations reduces the power consumption of battery-powered applications, so smaller batteries can be used, thereby saving costs.
6. The M8T timing module is the same size as the u-blox's existing LEA and NEO appearances, with standard pin output, so it can be smoothly upgraded from previous generations of products. u-blox timing products can use u-blox association now or industry standard auxiliary data as needed. This can shorten the initial positioning time and provide excellent acquisition sensitivity, even in the first installation where the exact location or time is not yet known

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