Air operated diaphragm pump

Air operated diaphragm pump
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Plastic magnetic drive centrifugal pump

Plastic Magnetic drive centrifugal pump-CQB-FJ series:


Applicable medium: Any concentration of acid, alkali, salt, organic solvent, etc.
Operating temperature: -20℃—150℃, high temperature resistant materials need to be customized above 100℃.

JK's can help to choose different configurations according to actual working conditions and provide accurate solutions.
















Flow parts are fluorine plastic


upgraded version

Magnetic drive centrifugal pump -CQB detailed introduction:

CQB-FJ type fluorine plastic magnetic drive pumps is commonly known as magnetic Drive Pump. Among them, non-metallic corrosion-resistant mag drive pump are widely used. Non-metallic fluorine plastic magnetic drive pumps and fluorine-lined magnetic drive pumps use fluorine plastics and high-purity industrial ceramics. It has excellent corrosion resistance and airtightness, and is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, aluminum foil, acid making, coating, non-ferrous metal industries and the transportation of volatile, toxic, organic solvents and precious liquids.

CQB-FJ type plastic Magnetic Drive Pump is an upgraded version of a new generation of fluorine-lined magnetic drive pump newly developed by JK &MKTECH Technology. This kind of chemical centrifugal pumps has a brand-new revolution than the previous CQB-F magnetic drive centrifugal pump. It breaks through the limitations and many shortcomings of the original CQB-F mainly from the structure and function.

Structurally: CQB-FJ magnetic pumps all adopt the main shaft without moving, the rotor and the impeller are integrated, the whole pump adopts the rear pull type disassembly structure, the installation and disassembly are very convenient.

Material: CQB-FJ magnetic pump main shaft and shaft sleeve adopt clearance fit, and the materials are all made of self-lubricating anti-dry wear pressureless sintered silicon carbide. The reinforced sleeve of the pump is made of carbon fiber reinforced PEEK, which has no magnetic eddy current phenomenon and has a pressure resistance of 3MPa.

Functionally: Due to the above structural design and material configuration, CQB-FJ series magnetic drive centrifugal pump can transport corrosive liquids with any concentration, high temperature, strong acid, and alkali. Our company's fluorine plastic magnetic pump, fluorine-lined magnetic pump is also an ideal fluorine plastic pump manufacturer in the market for acid and alkali resistant magnetic pumps and chemical- resistant magnetic pumps.

It is widely used in chemical, acid and alkali, refining, rare earth, pesticide, dye, medicine, papermaking, electroplating, electrolysis, pickling and other industries to transport any concentration of acid and alkali. Oils, rare precious liquids and toxic liquid chemical solutions, especially easy to leak, flammable and explosive liquid transportation.

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Air operated diaphragm pump 1

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