Screw feeder for machine

Screw feeder for machine
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Product Description

The screw feeder for machine is to put the scattered screws into the screw hopper, use the fan blade to rotate, arrange the screws on the track, and transport them to the discharge port along the track. The screw stops when it is in place, which is convenient for the electric driver to absorb and drive into the corresponding screw hole position. It is a kind of electric tool for assembling spare parts.

Product features:

1. It is suitable for screws with length diameter ratio > 1, flat head screw, self tapping screw, round head screw, flat washer screw, etc.

2. The USB communication interface can define the input signal, and the host can control the active interaction right.

3. The software defines different nut heights by self-learning, and there is no need to adjust the counter fire sensor manually.

4. Different screw specifications are preset to simplify parameter adjustment.

5. The original Japanese vibration motor is adopted, and the vibration amplitude is linear to ensure the smooth and stable state of the screw.

6. Through precise control of stepper motor and optimization of software algorithm, the position of dividing plate is calibrated every 1 / 4 turn, and the accuracy is 0.01mm, which ensures that no matter how small the screw is, it can run smoothly without shaking.

7. It is not interfered by workshop lighting, natural light intensity and wavelength.

8. The digital display panel can realize the logic control of each running component, and display the feeding quantity, fault code, feeding speed, etc.

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