Fully automatic membrane switches sheet screen printing machines

Fully automatic membrane switches sheet screen printing machines
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UV Silk Screen Printing Varnish UV Crystal Varnish Fully Auto Screen Printing Machine


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is suitable for the automatic high-precision screen printing of reflective film materials and paper, and realizes automatic feeding, automatic printing, and automatic unloading.


Device model TM-ZF-5070A Air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Equipment size L*W*H:2150*1250*1800mm power supply 380V/3p/50Hz
Work table size 700X850mm Air consumption 15L/min
Maximum printing area 500x700mm power 5KW 
Maximum frame size 850x1150mm Printing accuracy ±0.03mm
Printing thickness 0.1-3mm Machine capacity   800P/h
Stack height 250mm equipment weight 800KG
Suction area of platen 500X700mm Control method Touch screen operation
Platen flatness ±0.05mm Printing direction Printing from left to right
Height of work surface from ground 1100mm Print head drive mode Servo motor drive
Suction aperture of platen 1.2mm Targeting Servo oblique push three-point positioning
Net washing height 150mm Opening and closing drive mode of table plate Frequency conversion geared motor drive
Squeegee back ink knife angle ±20° adjustable Up and down pressure control of squeegee/return ink knife Mechanical + air pressure
Frame thickness range 25-50mm Screen fixing method Pneumatic + Mechanical
Printing head walking speed 0-1000mm/s Cantilever fixing method of screen frame Handle screw fixed
Printing itinerary 100-750mm adjustable Screen frame parallelism adjustment method Screw adjustment
Cutting method Manipulator grip reclaiming Work surface material Polished stainless steel
Loading and unloading drive mode Servo motor drive Emergency stop switch Button emergency stop switch


HS CODE :8443192290

1. Adopting invert motor for side lifting printing table, servo motor drive the printing head by horizontal movement. Specifications

2. Printing head and screen frame are driven independently, servo motor controls the printing. 

3. Printing knife drive by pneumatic control,  independent digital control for stroke. 

4. Operation model: manual/semi-auto/full-auto 

5. Digital control for Printing suspended time. 

6. The lifting of printing head can be independently adjusted for convenience of cleaning Scraper and covering ink blade and screen mesh. 

7. Easy to adjust the position of screen frame with the pneumatic and mechanical fixture. 

8. Adopting digital control technology controlled the servo motor for stability and precision of feeding and delivering. 9.PLC programming, touching screen, simple to operate, easy to use.



1. Automatic operating, save labour 2~3 operator

2. High precise printing with overprinting colors

3. Easy operate, Plc+ touch screen rotary gimbal mounting

4. Anti-static and dust remove are available for clean printing

5. Excellent design, suitable for soft materials, hard materials, up to 5mm thickness

6. New comer can learn to operate in two hours.

7. Improve working style to replace physical

8 . Cheaper price than stop cylinder screen printer, but more versatile


Features: Four sets of servo drives respectively drive lifting, printing, loading and unloading, coordinated actions, efficient and reliable.

         The wind drawing gauge is equipped with a pressing and warping edge mechanism, which highly imitates the manual positioning action, has a wide range of adaptability and accurate positioning.

         The printing pressure is uniform and adjustable, which can be adapted to the different needs of various inks.

         The unique screen synchronization and off-network mechanism avoids sticking to the network.

         The constant pressure control system ensures the pressure balance of the squeegee and the uniforming knife to ensure high printing quality.

         Powerful suction motor, unique blowing and suction control, so that the substrate is firmly adsorbed and released in time.

Cantilever vertical lifting mode, independent lifting of the printing head, easy to operate.

The air blowing system cooperates with the paper separating pick to reliably separate the printing substrate.

Precise fine-tuning mechanism, fine-tuning of the XY direction of the screen, convenient for plate registration.

Chinese man-machine interface operation, reliable and durable, easy to adjust, accurate setting and complete functions.

It can be installed along the drying tunnel or perpendicular to the drying tunnel to meet the needs of different sites.

Related auxiliary equipment: UV curing machine for auto screen printing TM-UV750L

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