4m18kw1200 UV printing drying machine

4m18kw1200 UV printing drying machine
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Product Description

TM-UV1200L  uv printing machine

Technical Parameters:




Convey belt width(mm)


Effective range (mm)


Max thickness of cured (mm)


Conveying speed (m)




UV lamp  (KW/2pcs)


Driving power  (W)


Total power  (KW)







Working principle:


1, UV (Ultraviolet) is an ultraviolet light. In the application of curing, mainly through the irradiation of the ultraviolet, making the sensitive material generates polymeric cross-linking reaction, so that the ink achieves the purpose of drying and curing in a short time.

2, Comparison with the traditional self-drying and infrared drying, UV (Ultraviolet) has the quality of high gloss, high hardness, high wear resistance and solvent resistance, etc. on its cured products.



Widely used for the field of drying UV ink, UV coating for UV spray finishing, processing after paper's UV printing, UV glue, UV tests. 

It is very adapt to high-end packaging products, such as frosted, wrinkles, refraction, ice flowers, foam, polishing and so on.


Function and feature:

1, Well-designed cooling system reduces the heat generated by the light source, so as to avoid high temperature leaving some products (such as paper, PVC film) affected and deformed.

2, Electronic variable speed, speed is stable, sensitivity is adjustable.

3, High quality light source, long operating life, it can start instantly and access to normal brightness quickly.

4, Good stability and good environmental adaptability. During the use, energy output evenly, and after the prolonged uses, there is no significant change in the spectral distribution.

5, Strong exhaust pump makes the article adsorbed on the conveyor belt, and difficult to drift and fall.

The UV machine is a general term for devices that emit UV light.
Our UV machine is industrial equipment.
The UV machine can be divided into: conveyor type UV machine, split type UV machine, connected type, portable type ······
The UV machine can be divided into: flat UV machine, stereo UV machine, auto-rotating UV machine, lower suction UV machine, shutter UV machine, low-temperature UV machine····
UV machines can be divided into: according to the power supply: there are extreme UV, electrodeless UV
The UV machine can be divided into: mercury lamp UV, halogen lamp UV, LED UV.


1. During the use of the uv machine, if the mechanical operation system and the electrical control system fail, find equipment maintenance and electrician for repair. Non-professional personnel should not be dismantled or tampering to avoid accidents and damage to the device.
2, maintenance requirements: in order to extend the life of the machine, to ensure the normal movement of the equipment and to ensure the processing quality of the product, maintenance personnel and operators should work together to achieve the following:
(1) Before starting the machine, you should thoroughly check whether the equipment is abnormal. If there is any abnormality, you should contact the maintenance personnel in time to solve the problem.
(2) Regularly check the operation of the rotating components and find that the abnormalities are adjusted and repaired in time.
(3) In the timely completion of the operation, check whether there is any residual dirt in the inspection machine. Do not wash the body and work site with water. Beware of moisture, damage and electric shock.
(4) The UV curing machine has a high-pressure steady flow device. The operator must wear insulated shoes or an insulating plate on the ground to prevent accidents.
(5) Wipe the UV lamp and reflector regularly. After the lamp is aging, replace the lamp in time to ensure normal production.
(6) Perform at least one major overhaul every year, remove all transmission components, thoroughly clean and refill the lubricant, and maintain a lubrication fit between the rotating components when assembling the transmission components.


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