Gold glitter powder greeting card auto screen printing machines

 Gold glitter powder greeting card auto screen printing machines
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Product Description

tamprinter customer factory actual production video


Oblique arm

screen printer 



Size of printing table (mm):720X1000

Worktable area: 800X1100mm

Max printing area: 700X1000mm

Max screen fame size : 1000X1300mm

Min screen fame size::550X650 mm Substrate thickness (mm):0-20 

Printing speed (pcs/h):500-1200

Working pressure(Mpa):0.3-0.5

Air consumption(0.6Mpa)(L/pc):13/pcs

The minimum height of the table(Relative to the ground)mm:820

Machine size(mm): 1600X1350X1280mm



Rated voltage(P/V/Hz) 3/380/50

Source power: 2.3kw


Free fitting

clamp 700mm--1pcstinge 720mm---1pcs

clamp 1000--1pcstinge 1020mm--1pcs.

Tool box

Auto Robot Suction Arm 1500

1,Working air pressure(Mpa): 0.3-0.5

2,Gas consumption(0.6Mpa)(L/pcs): 0.5

3,power(kw): 0.75

4,Rated voltage(V/Hz): AC220v/50Hz

5,Take the feed rate (pcs/h): 1000

6,Dimension(L*W*H)mm : L1500* W700* H 200

7,weight(kg): 40

TM-AG900 Automatic gold

powder machine

Power: 220V/2KW

Conveyor belt width (mm): 920mm

Paper thickness: more than 80g

Dimensions: 2100X1200X1650mm

Weight: 350kg

Dusting width: 900mm

25kw UV




Stepless dimming system

Distance from belt to ground 790~810mm adjustable

Belt length 7900mm   

Run speed:0~55m/min

Conveyor Teflon belt width 1.2m

Effective range (mm) 750

Conveyor speed (m) 2~20  

Power(P/V/Hz) 3/220/50

UV lamp(KW/3pcs)8

Conveyor power(W)120

Total power(KW)25  

Weight 500+280=780KG

Dimension(L*W*H)4050*980m*1450MM/ 4150*1592*1721MM / 11.37CBM


AUTO Stacker



Paper size 71*102cm  Run speed:0~55m/min

Machine size: L183 × W168 × H125Cm

Plywood size: 1890 * 1430 * 1402MM / 3.79CBM

Weight 650+58=708kg    Power 1kw

aluminium frame

1M X 1.3M

aluminium frame

1M X 1M

Screen Printing Plate

Aluminum frame


with Silk 300 Mesh

About 2kg/pcs

No coating No logo

Screen Emulsion Scoop 

300mm length

About 1.5kg


120T-34 white width 165cm 

120T-34 Yellow/Orange width 115cm 

120T-34 white width 115cm

50 meters per bundles

120T-34 white width 115cm

50 meters per bundles

100T-40 Yellow/Orange width 115cm

Yellow 77 90 100 and 120t by 50 meter each

90T-48 Yellow/Orange width 115cm

Ink Spatulas



12 INCH  

Ink Squeegee

50mmx9mmx3.66m  not brand

multi layered shore (65/90/65) ,

Sectional shape G1 red/white/red

50mmx9mm*4M single layere 55 shore ,

Sectional shape G1 brown

50mmx9mm*4M  single layer 65 shore,

Sectional shape G1 brown


270mm AL flood bar


370mm AL flood bar


520mm AL flood bar


720mm AL flood bar


920mm AL flood bar


250mm AL squeegee holder


350mm AL squeegee holder


500mm AL squeegee holder


700mm AL squeegee holder


900mm AL squeegee holder

Uv  reflector


Spare Uv lamp reflector

Aluminum covered with stainless steel


Uv  lamp


spare Chinese uv lamp 800~1200 hours life

8kw 380v 3phase 50Hz  1280mm length


Belt 7019590000

Spare, Teflon glass fiber conveyor belt stick,     

size:1.176m*7.96m, life about 1years




What are the most common mistakes when buying TM-Z1-GP Gold glitter powder greeting card printer?  What should I pay attention to before buying a machine?

Process flow is very importantFirst of all, we must see the process requirements clearly, embossing + hot stamping craft pays more attention to the bumpy feeling and smooth reflective effect after indentation, not the sparkling powder effect


What is the difference between glitter powder and hot melt powder


Glitter, also known as glitter, glitter powder, due to the large size of the glitter, also known as the glittering bright film of different thickness of PET, PVC, OPP metal aluminum film material plating, coating precision cutting Made. Glitter powder can be produced from 0.004mm to 3.0mm. Environmentally friendly is made of PET. The shape is a quadrangle, a hexagon, a rectangle, or the like, a prism, or the like. Glitter pink is divided into laser silver, laser gold, laser color (including red, blue, green, purple, red and black) silver, gold, color (red, blue, green, purple, peach, black and black). Each color system is provided with a surface protective layer, which is bright in color and has certain resistance and temperature resistance to mild corrosive chemicals such as climate and temperature.

Hot melt powder is a kind of white powder (coarse powder: 80 mesh, medium powder 160 mesh, fine powder 200 mesh 250 mesh). Coarse powder is mainly used for flocking transfer, fine powder is mainly used for film saccharification transfer. Because of its excellent adhesion properties, it is often used as a high-quality hot-melt adhesive in other industries. It is heated and melted in a highly elastic state at room temperature. Viscous fluid state in the later process, fast curing speed.
The hot-melt powder is used in the printing of various textiles, leather, paper, wood and other materials and the preparation of various glues. The produced glue has the characteristics of water resistance, good fastness, fast drying speed, not easy to block the network, and does not affect the color of the ink, and is a new type of environmentally friendly material.
Its characteristics are:
1. As long as the mild bonding conditions can obtain excellent washing fastness (up to 60 degrees water temperature washing) and dry cleaning fastness
2. Soft feel and good resilience
3. Good chemical stability, can be stored at room temperature for a long time without deterioration
4. It is a green product that is harmless to the human body
1. Heat transfer printing
2. Making printing glue
3. Screen printing
4. Bronzing and flocking printing
5. Make hot melt glue


And then I see that uv lamps cost a lot and consume a lot of current isn't it better to put LEDs?


You have the right to choose a traditional UV curing machine instead of an energy-saving stepless dimming system,
Or choose an infrared tunnel oven, but change it to white glue instead of uv glue,
Don't choose LED lights to dry UV glue because of the power, that is, the power consumption. Because the glitter powder emits light and the energy loss is very serious, the LED lights only have a single wavelength, and there is no corresponding uv glue.



For the industry: foam board, sunpack sheet, Advertising PP Hollow Sheet, calendar, birthday or wedding greeting cards, couplets, jewelry boxes, wine boxes, suitable for local gold powder, embossed silk screen printing and various color powder craft paper processing, and The screen printing machine is used in conjunction to improve the efficiency and utilization of the glitter powder.


Comparison of their advantages and disadvantages? white glue and uv glue in the field of glitter coating printing


white glue 750mm width powder machine $6088+10m ir tunnel $10000
uv glue 750mm width powder machine $6088+4m uv tunnel3*8kw $5300
COST FOR GLUE comparison:
white glue cheap, but dry long time. White glue --Surface drying, and then placed upright, natural drying
if you Large quantities use uv glue but cost expensive, BUT FAST

The curing effect is the same, but the bending plasticity in the carton area
UV glue is fragile and cannot be bent, white glue can be bent


but can you tell me the costs of the UV glue and the white glue?



Screen printer+robot arm+glitter powder machine+uv tunnel

The screen printing machine applies glue for flashing powder,

The manipulator downloads the paper from the screen printing machine table to the gold powder machine

the gold powder machine spreads the powder,

and the UV machine dries the glue.


Di seguito è riportato un elenco di macchine e materiali di consumo che possono essere utilizzati nella linea di produzione serigrafica.Selezionare le parti necessarie o aggiungere l'elenco delle apparecchiature ausiliarie desiderate, quindi comunicacelo. Comunicaci anche il nome della tua azienda, l'indirizzo, il nome della città e il codice postale, il codice fiscale, il numero di telefono, il metodo di pagamento che preferisci, hai il diritto di scegliere il tuo spedizioniere o utilizzare il nostro spedizioniere per essere responsabile del trasporto


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