Large-scale exposure machine for automotive photovoltaic glass

Large-scale exposure machine for automotive photovoltaic glass
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Product Description

TMEP-SBC2939 2.9*3.9 m Ceyonotype print on fabric strong UV light Exposure machine

Diffuse iodine-gallium lamp light source is like the directional scattering of car lights,
LED light source parallel scanning,
Funnel gallium light source directional scattering,
LED matrix light source
Before talking about the product price gap, we hope to know your product accuracy and requirements first, ok?
Even if the same job is done and the machine has the same working principle, the price of the machine in Germany, Japan and the United States is still 8 to 10 times that of China.

Techinical Date

Glass plate size 2900*3900mm
Maximum frame size 2500*3500mm
Printing glass 15mm tempered white light glass
Plate lampshade imported material
Maximum vacuum degree -600mmHg=79.8kPa
Light uniformity  > 90%
Pumping rate 4L/S
Ultraviolet lamp light source power  4kw*2PCS
Applicable power supply 380V/8KW
table turning automatic 
Dimensions: 5000*3000*2000mm (length*width*height)


TM series Exposure machine is an ideal printing equipment for printing high definition and difficulty screen plate.
1. This series of equipment is composed of a vertical exposure lamp and an independent exposure vacuum workbench. It has the advantages of large and uniform light intensity, stable light control, stable light source wavelength, high vacuum degree, long service life of the lamp tube, and good heat dissipation effect. , especially suitable for screen exposure of large areas of high-precision dots, thin lines and high-density screen lines.
2. In the design of the reflector, the computer analogy test is used to select the best angle, and the reflective material imported from Germany is selected, and the light intensity is uniform.
3. The exposure lamp can be moved according to the size of the exposed screen to select the best distance from the exposure table, and the exposure time can be adjusted by the time system.
4. The exposure table is turned over by the motor oil pump to make it reach a vertical position for exposure; vertical exposure machines of different specifications can be customized according to customer needs

(1) Vacuum Negative pressure system
The vacuum negative pressure system can make the photographic plate closing to the screen sensitive layer, and the pressure between them is large and even. So the printed screen plate can show the image of the photographic plate really.
(2) Imported High Elastic Clothy
The rubber cloth of the exposure machine adopts high elastic cloth imported from America, it has fine anti-pulling and anti-wear performances. It almost needn't replace if it can be maintained well.
(3) Short Exposure time
The exposure lamp adopts high-quality iodine-gallium lamp. It sends 3200A-4500A UV spectrum, which is suitable light source for screen sensitive rubber. It can greatly improve the printing quality and efficiency.
(4) Automatic Operation System
The main control panel uses the computer control panel produced by ourselves, it can save the datas automatically, and also simply and reliable operation.


How To Print Cyanotype
 First Print An Image On A Clear Film/Sheet ( Similar To Screenprinting), 
Then I Put Chemicals On Paper Or Fabric And Expose It To Uv Light, Also Similar To Screenprinting. 
Then I Wash The Fabric Or Paper With Water And Where The Uv Light Was In Contact With The Chemicals It Turns Blue, And Where The Film Is Covering It Stays The Color Of The Paper Or Fabric. The Process Requires Similar Uv Exposure As Screen Printing Screens. Liketmep-4050 Homework Exposure Unit.

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