Connecting cable of manufacturer's direct selling vehicle

Connecting cable of manufacturer's direct selling vehicle
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There are some differences between new energy vehicle high-voltage line and ordinary vehicle cable, mainly due to the great changes in the use environment, such as high voltage and high current (on-board), wire diameter (large number of cables; on-board), and exposed space (outside the on-board).


The following is a detailed introduction of the above views: the high-voltage cable used in new energy electric vehicles can reach 600 / 300A, but the battery of traditional fuel vehicles is usually 12V, and the withstand voltage grade of the corresponding conductor is less than 60V; Connect the on-board high-voltage battery frequency transformer / low-voltage battery / air conditioning compressor / electric heating / power distribution sheet, many electrical structures are connected by cables, and huge cables are configured in a limited space; However, the cable of the charging gun is exposed for a long time, and there are strict requirements for weather resistance, wear resistance, bending resistance and tear resistance. Because the high-voltage harness in the vehicle has the characteristics of high voltage / high current, large wire diameter and large number of wires, the design of the harness faces challenges such as wiring, safety, shielding, weight and cost.


The wiring of harness design can be arranged under the vehicle as far as possible, and the flexible wires such as silicone rubber wires and flexible cross-linked polyolefin wires shall be selected; The safety of high voltage and high current is particularly important. In addition to the strict requirements of its own high voltage on insulation performance, the high temperature caused by high current is also inevitable; In order to achieve good sealing effect, with the high-voltage connector, the seal meets the requirements of waterproof and dustproof (IP67, ip69k), and the conductor is required to have dimensional stability, good roundness and aging performance; As for the shield, the reason why the high-voltage harness needs electromagnetic shielding is the electromagnetic noise caused by the large AC current of the high-voltage box and the electromagnetic interference caused by the rapid energization and cutting off of the drainage of electrical components.


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