Function of automobile high voltage cable in automobile interior

Function of automobile high voltage cable in automobile interior
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As the arrival of the new energy era, we can see new energy electric vehicles of different brands in the society. What effective role does the high-voltage cable inside the new energy electric vehicle play in the electric vehicle? It can develop rapidly in this new energy era. The following is a brief understanding of the role of high-voltage cables for electric vehicles.

First of all, it is not clear that the process of "high-voltage wire passing through the spark plug" is a kind of "high-voltage wire insulation", which can transmit power through the external insulation of the engine. Therefore, it is not clear that the "high-voltage wire insulation" plays a role in the production of ignition energy It has good insulation, internal transmission and conductivity at low temperature.


The current transmitted inside the high-voltage line is very small, and the requirements for the metal conductor on the opposite side are not high, but the voltage it passes through is high, generally about tens of thousands of volts, so it has very high requirements for the external insulator. If the insulation material is aged and the insulation strength is reduced, it will cause leakage and damage other electrical systems or high-voltage systems.


High voltage cables are divided into resistive and non resistive. Among them, the resistance type value is different according to the calculation of different high-voltage output systems. Some are only a few hundred ohms, and some can even reach more than 10k. In electricity, this resistance value is called "current limiting resistance". The purpose of designing resistance is to prevent high-voltage current from damaging the electronic components of high-voltage output system due to wire aging or quality reasons. Its function is used for general automobile spark plug ignition resistance value is about 20-50m, which is very large relative to the high-voltage line resistance. Basically, the resistance value of high-voltage cable current limiting resistance can even be "ignored", but when the current limiting resistance is short circuited outside the high-voltage, the current is limited to the range that the high-voltage system can withstand without damage. Therefore, one of the functions of high-voltage cable resistance is to protect the normal operation of ignition system and electrical system of the whole vehicle.


In addition, the resistance of high-voltage cable can improve the ignition voltage. When too much carbon is deposited on the spark plug, there will be leakage and cause fire. With resistance, the ignition voltage is increased, and it is easier to break through the spark gap to make the spark intensity reach normal. This has a resistance type high-voltage line, which plays a current sharing role in high-voltage distribution.


The last point is to extend the discharge time of the spark plug and improve the ignition rate. When discharging, the spark plug is broken down and the resistance is very small. Because the resistance in the high-voltage path limits the maximum current, the same amount of electric energy takes longer to discharge.


As for the non resistance type, the so-called non resistance high-voltage line means that the resistance of the high-voltage cable is "zero", but it does not mean that the resistance of the high-voltage output path is zero, but where the resistance is connected in series, just like in the secondary coil of the high-voltage transformer; Another example is the central electrode of the spark plug (there is a ceramic resistor in the spark plug pole, which is also called resistance spark plug); For example, the DC resistance of the secondary coil of the ignition coil is used as the "damping current limiting resistance".


For the replacement principle, the original high-voltage cable is selected, which can be purchased at the place with reference to the brand. Omega cable has excellent recognition in brand, qualification certification, product testing and other aspects. Based on the enterprise mission of "green innovation and benefiting mankind", it has invested a lot of resources in independent research and development to create and guide new energy electric vehicles.


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