Infrared/Laser Cut-to-Length Cutting System

Infrared/Laser Cut-to-Length Cutting System
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Infrared/Laser Cut-to-Length Cutting System



The all-digital non-contact infrared automatic cut-to-length cutting system developed by Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering Co., Ltd. is the first digital measurement, digital transmission, digital positioning and digital control technology in China. It is suitable for the primary and secondary cutting of continuously cast product of square billets, rectangular billets, slabs, round billets and shaped billets. It can automatically cut 1-48 billets to length at the same time, and display the casting speed and running status of each billet. The system has high measurement and control accuracy and strong anti-interference ability, which improves the output and quality of the cast products and reduces the labor intensity of the operator. The whole system has the advantages of low investment, simple installation, deb ing and operation, and basically maintenance free. No need to change the original production equipment, a major breakthrough in the automatic cut-to-length cutting method, and it is also an important part of the continuous casting process, which has been highly praised by experts and manufacturers. Digital infrared cutting to length can also provide high-definition solutions, so that the measurement error is ±1mm, and the system can support 12 strands high-definition CCD image measurement.


The features of the system

1. The system adopts advanced digital image processing technology (non-contact type) to identify the length of hot billet online, automatically controls the flame cutting machine to cut the hot billet to a certain length, detects and displays the running status and casting speed, and collects the image information of the moving billet from a long distance through an infrared camera.

2. The computer processes the image information by pattern recognition program, forms the operation information and converts it into the electrical signal of the specified format, so that the hot billet can be cut by the actuator. The system can cut the 1-48 billets to length at the same time with an infrared camera.

3. A schematic diagram of the overall layout and working principle of the system is shown in Figure 1.


The functions of the system

1. Applicable to all kinds of continuous casting machine flame cutting system.

2. Adopt advanced digital image pickup technology.

3. It is not sensitive to other high-intensity light interference, and overcomes the influence of light sources such as sunlight and arc welding.

4. The system provides abundant interfaces, which can communicate with the PLC control. 

5. The fixed-length parameters and data can be directly modified by the secondary system to optimize the fixed-length cutting.

6. Historical cutting data is automatically stored, and the system can set rules for historical data.

7. Support the free transformation of fixed length, and a variety of operation modes are available for the operator to choose.

8. Each stream can send out signals such as pre-clamping, clamping, cutting, roll-up, roll-down and return of the cutting car according to the user's requirements.

9. The monitor displays the running status of the current hot billet in real time and displays the corresponding parameters.

10. Data management can be carried out according to shifts, pouring times, days, weeks, months, etc., as well as data management according to specifications, production capacity, quality, etc.

11. Provide automatic, upper and manual cutting control.

12. The detection and cutting precision is high, and the controllable precision is ±3mm.


The extension of the system

The system can install 1 to 12 cameras. Generally, when one camera cannot meet the requirements, the system can be equipped with 2 to 12 cameras. The camera can be fixed inside and outside the operating room perpendicular to the roller line, and the setting height is generally 3-5 meters, so that the camera can clearly and completely capture the image of the moving billet. High-definition line scan cameras can also be provided to perform high-precision positioning of each strand of cast products. Line scan cameras are used to support up to 12 strand systems, which ensures that the center of the viewing angle, the billet head, and the fixed-length mark are vertical to improve the cutting and fixed-length accuracy.


The technical parameters

1. Numbers of caster stands: maximum 12 strands

2. Measurement accuracy: ±1mm

3. Cutting method: flame cutting

4. Fixed length range: 6-12m

5. Matching casting speed: 1.5~4.2m/s

6. Fixed length range: 6-12m

7. Temperature range of cast products: <1000℃

8. Number of signals: pre-cut, cut


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