Three classifications of metal-coated titanium electrodes

Three classifications of metal-coated titanium electrodes
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Product Description

Metal-coated titanium electrodes, also known as metal anodes, are also called MMO (Mixed Metal Oxide) titanium anodes or DSA (Dimensionally Stable Anode) anodes, which are dimensionally and shape-stable anodes. According to the different coating metals, it is generally divided into: ruthenium-iridium titanium anode, iridium-tantalum titanium anode and platinum-coated titanium anode.

Metal-coated titanium electrodes use GR1 titanium as the base material (wire, rod, tube, plate, net) to brush the precious metal coating on the titanium substrate, so that it has good electrocatalytic activity, electrical conductivity and oxidation resistance. Widely used in electrolysis, electroplating, sanitation and disinfection, cathodic protection and other fields.

Product parameters

Base material: GR1

Coating composition: metal ruthenium-iridium, iridium-tantalum, platinum

Working current range: <7500A/

Working temperature: <65°C

Coating thickness: 0.2-10μm

Use environment: PH value: 0-14

Product shape: wire, rod, tube, plate, net or profiled material

Product features

1. High current density;

2. Low working voltage;

3. Low energy consumption, high production capacity;

4. Light weight, reduce labor intensity;

5. The base metal titanium can be reused many times;

6. Strong corrosion resistance;

7. Stable performance;

8. Long service life;

9. The shape of titanium base is easy to make.

Application field

1. Application field of ruthenium-iridium titanium anode

Chlorine dioxide production by electrolysis, acidic oxidation potential water, chlorine production by electrolysis of seawater, descaling of circulating water, sterilization and disinfection of circulating water, chloride electrodeposition metal, electrodialysis desalination, sterilization and disinfection of fruit and vegetable washing machines, sterilization and disinfection of swimming pools, water treatment , salt water to produce sodium hypochlorite

2. Application field of iridium-tantalum titanium anode

Synthesis of organic matter, galvanizing of steel sheets, electroplating, cathodic protection, regeneration of etching solution, copper recovery, cyclone electrolysis, HHO generator, sewage treatment, electrolytic foil production

3. Platinum-titanium anode application field

Electroplating, electrolytic ion water machine, acid oxidation potential water, HHO generator

Precautions for use:

1. Pay attention to protecting the surface of the coating, and strictly prevent scratches, collisions, and abrasions of the surface during transportation, installation, and use, and prevent oil, strong corrosive substances, and deformation from affecting the titanium electrode.

2.  Don't position the electrodes in the opposite direction to avoid a short circuit between the cathode and anode plates.

3. Operate strictly according to the process specifications. Factors such as excessive current, high voltage, sudden power failure, high solution concentration, temperature, impurity ions and other factors will affect the use effect of the coated titanium electrode.

Three classifications of metal-coated titanium electrodes 1Three classifications of metal-coated titanium electrodes 2Three classifications of metal-coated titanium electrodes 3Three classifications of metal-coated titanium electrodes 4

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