Sintered copper powder filter element

Sintered copper powder filter element
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Product Description

Sintered copper powder filter element is also called sintered copper. Like titanium and stainless steel powder sintered filter elements, it is also a breathable porous material formed by molding, isostatic pressing, etc., and then sintered by high temperature vacuum. It is a new type of material used in filtration and high-tech industries.

Due to the advantages of stable pores, good strength, large amount of dirt, can be directly processed on the substrate, can be cleaned, and can be customized according to the required shape and size, sintered copper powder filter element has been widely used in pneumatic cylinders, electronic accessories, hydraulic filter elements, air dust removal, and gas distribution. , heat sink, mold making and other industries.

Product parameters

Name: Sintered Copper Powder Filter Element

Material: Bronze, Brass

Filtration accuracy: 0.22-100μm

Applicable temperature: 300°

Size: the length of the square plate is not more than one meter, the diameter of the round pipe can be customized according to the negotiation, and the larger size can be assembled by welding. Shape: round tube, disc, round cap, ring, round table, square plate, cone cap, filter screen.


1. Sintered copper powder filter element has stable penetration and high filtration accuracy

2. Can better withstand thermal pressure and impact;

3. High strength, good plasticity, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, good assembly;

4. Strong regeneration ability and long service life;

5. Sintered copper powder filter element is resistant to rapid cooling and rapid heat, and has better performance than filters made of paper, copper wire mesh and other fiber cloth, and is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean;

6. It can work at higher temperature and in corrosive medium, and can be welded, bonded and machined.

Main application of the product

1. Pneumatic valve cylinders and other pneumatic components are used to filter air, remove impurities in the air or gas distribution, decompression, interception, etc., and are fixed and installed by interference, stamping, screwing, threads, and clamps.

2. Oil-gas separation, solid-liquid separation, and oil-removal impurity filtration and separation, according to experience, can operate continuously under a pressure of 20Mpa, and can effectively remove impurities in the pore size according to different conditions of precision and pressure.

In the process of using the sintered copper powder filter element, the selection of precision is very critical. If you choose a product with a smaller precision, if there is no corresponding pressure, the product flow will decrease and cannot meet the flow requirements; if you choose a product with a higher precision, it will It cannot intercept the required impurity particles, and cannot achieve the effect of filtering or dust removal. If it is used in a high temperature environment, it will also have a certain impact on the performance of the product.

The precision of the copper powder sintered filter element is determined by the size of the pores between the spherical powders. The larger the spherical particles, the larger the pores. Conversely, the smaller the spherical particles, the smaller the pores. For example: if the diameter of 40-mesh spherical particles is 0.45mm, and the diameter of 80-mesh spherical particles is 0.2mm, then the pores formed between spheres with a diameter of 0.45mm will be larger than the pores formed between spheres with a diameter of 0.2mm. The pores are larger than the 80 mesh pores. Assuming that the pores are 50um, impurities larger than 50um will be intercepted outside the pores, and impurities smaller than 50um will enter the pores.

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