Large Aging Room & High Temperature Aging Box VA series -Precision Oven

Large Aging Room & High Temperature Aging Box VA series -Precision Oven
Model:HMVA series
Origin:Made In China
Category:Electronics & Electricity / Electronic Instrument / Test Bench
Label:High Temperature , Aging Box , Precision Oven
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The burn-in room, also called the burn-in room, is aimed at high-performance electronic products (such as: complete computer, monitor, terminal, power supply, motherboard, monitor, switching charger, etc.) to simulate a high temperature and harsh Environmental testing equipment is an important experimental equipment to improve product stability and reliability; it is an important production process for manufacturers to improve product quality and competitiveness. This equipment is widely used in power electronics, computers, communications, biopharmaceuticals and other fields

Control system design and safety protection measures

1. The electrical control design refers to "Code for Design of Low-Voltage Power Distribution" GB50054-95, "Code for Design of Power Supply and Distribution" GB5002S2-95, "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Grounding Devices of Electrical Installation Engineering" GB50169-92 to standardize the design of electronic control.
2. Design of integrated aging function in control system. The design function controls the electric cabinet. The time, temperature, and various operating switches required for aging can be operated on one control cabinet; the panel of the electric cabinet is beautifully designed and easy to operate.
3. The aging process can be automatically controlled, with some abnormal self-processing functions, making the operation automatic and simple.
4. With multiple protection functions, it is safe and reliable.
5. The electric heating prevents dry burning. When the fan fails or the temperature in the air duct is too high, the circulation system power supply will be automatically cut off, and the alarm will alarm at the same time.
6. Electric heating and fan linkage design. When the fan fails to start, the heater cannot be started separately. When it is turned off, the electric heating and the circulating fan are turned off at the same time to prevent the electric heating from being damaged by dry burning.
7. The heater connection adopts high temperature resistant wire, 300OC does not burn.
8. Explosion-proof lighting is installed indoors to increase the life of the bulb and prevent the bulb from bursting.
9. Motor phase loss protection function.
10. Over-temperature sound and light alarm function: if over-temperature occurs during the aging process, the heating system will be cut off and the buzzer will sound.
11. Smoke alarm function: There is a smoke alarm in the room to prevent the product from burning for some reason during the aging process and the alarm will be automatically turned off when the alarm is issued.



1. Temperature range: room temperature +5℃--70℃ (room temperature +5℃---80℃)
2. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃;
3. Temperature deviation: maximum accuracy ±4℃ (according to customer requirements design accuracy)
4. Indoor size: 3000*2000*2000mm. (Various sizes can be customized)
5. Operation mode: adjustable temperature, constant temperature and any temperature value in the temperature range.
6. Installation power supply: AC~380V; 50 Hz;
7. Noise level: ≦75 decibels

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