Remote control intelligent ethanol fireplace

Remote control intelligent ethanol fireplace
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Product Description

BB intelligent fireplace has the following features :

7 Fuel Reminders: margin less than beep advance notice to add, and one minute will be repeatedly reminded, after ten minutes will automatically turn off the stove.

8 Fuel cap to remind function; to prevent alcohol and too full of occurrence of spilled;

9 Earthquake, tilt protection function: When using the process, the user moving the fireplace, it will beep a warning when the fireplace fall, or of an earthquake, the stove will beep alarm, and turn off the supply of alcohol, 15 seconds not revert to the normal state, the fireplace will automatically turn off, to avoid secondary disasters, and disaster can also be used as emergency relief for heating use only.

10 Carbon dioxide (carbon monoxide) early warning and alarm emergency shut-off function: alcohol (ethanol) combustion release carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, moisture, when the indoor carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide exceeds the alarm set point, the fireplace will beep alarm (this time the stove is also will continue to work), to notify the user need ventilation to deal with, then more than we set a higher alarm points, the machine will automatically shut down immediately.

11 Child lock protection function: the boot process, the user can lock all the buttons to prevent children from near the play button switch.

12 Flame ionization detection systems: flame accidentally goes out will automatically turn off the stove.

13 Adaptability: large and small fire, heat, power consumption can be freely adjusted according to customer requirements: a stove, and free to adjust the power of plus or minus one to two times or more, to accommodate the size of the interior space based on customer requirements changed.

14 High room temperature protection function: When the indoor temperature anomalies more than the set temperature (such as: time-out for a long time to open, or a fire), the machine will immediately shut down.

15 Bio ethanol margin of the combustion chamber is controlled under a certain range burning, prohibit the level of combustion imbalance overflow.

16 To prohibit high-temperature start function: When the flame inside the oven just off, the furnace temperature is very high state, the stove will delay the furnace to restart, the period will not stop until the furnace temperature dropped to a safe point (beep) can start automatically.

17 Time limit and features: every time you boot only for X hours, and after that turn off automatically to prevent out forget to turn off. (French market-specific features, user optional)

-Manufactured in accordance with standard NF D35-386 (France), CE and UL Standard

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