Wide spout collapsible cubitainer

Wide spout collapsible cubitainer
Origin:Made In China
Category:Packaging , Printing & Paper / Packaging Materials / Plastic Packaging Materials
Label:salty products , agriculture , foldable container
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Min. Order:2000 pc
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Product Description

Especially used in Salinization of agricultural products category packaging。
Such as thin-walled square barrels barrels, collapsible squash, soft plastic barrels to use, portable, easy storage and transportation. But it should not separate containers used for packaging, should be accompanied by packing. Can be used for packaging must have flooded corrosive liquid and food stains. For example: salty cucumber, salty eggplant, red pepper, bracken, water celery, basil, do yellow pepper, crisp appetizer, appetizers Yang ginger, etc. Labadou. Salted Bracken, mountain celery, Waterloo son mushrooms, Osmunda do, export products have salted fresh bamboo, mushroom, mountain vegetables, demi-glace bonus, demi-glace pear, persimmon demi-glace, demi-glace and dried mulberry, water fluffy snow boiled, poached Kyi mushrooms, boiled mushrooms, boiled Pleurotus ostreatus, dehydration Gong vegetables, dehydrated onion, dehydrated green onion, dehydrated vegetables dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated carrots, salted large root, salinization Mosla head , salinization of Artemisia vegetables, salted eggplant Medium, salinization Shan Lu, Salted Pleurotus cornucopiae, snow and dried salted, salted lotus root, burdock saline, saline mushrooms, persimmon leaf salinity, salinization of bamboo leaves, salinization four melon leaf, salinization thin bamboo shoots, carrots salinity, salinization Pleurotus ostreatus, konjac, fresh mushrooms, fresh Brasenia schreberi fresh yellow onions, fresh burdock, fresh carrots, fresh taro fresh lotus root

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