Diamond core drill bit

Diamond core drill bit
Origin:Made In China
Category:Industrial Supplies / Mining Machine
Label:core bit , drill bit , core drill bit
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Impregnated Diamond Core Drill Bits   Company introduction: 1. 32 years professional manufacturer 2. National-control Group company with 4 part factories     Main products: drilling rig and drill bit, others: diamond, PDC, bush 3. Certificate: ISO9001:2008 4. Main market: South America, Africa, the Middle East, Aisa Countries: South Africa, Zambia, Sudan, Iran, South Korea, Costa Rica etc   Size for Diamond Core Drill Bits Size:  46~325mm diamond core drill bits with national and international standard Main exportation: AQ,BQ,NQ,HQ,PQ wire-line diamond core drill bits
"Q" Series Wireline Size Bit-set OD Bit-set ID
mm inch mm inch   mm   inch
AQ 47.6 1.88 26.97 1.06 48 1.89
BQ 59.5 2.35 36.4 1.43 59.9 2.36
NQ 75.3 2.97 47.6 1.88 75.7 2.98
HQ 95.58 3.77 63.5 2.5 96 3.78
PQ 122 4.8 84.96 3.35 122.6 4.83
    Type for Diamond Core Drill Bits : Impregnated diamond drill bits; Natural surface-set diamond drill bits; Electroplated diamond bits; Thin-wall diamond bits; Concentric circular saw tooth diamond dril bits;  Casing shoe bits Electroplated Diamond Hole Reamer, Sintered Diamond Hole Reamer     Use for Diamond Core Drill Bits:  FLYDISC core bits can drill a broad range of geological formations from the softest to the hardest rock, widely used in all kinds of drillings for prospecting, water and electricity building and construction industry of road, railway, bridge and building taking out core to examine stake,etc.   Structure of Diamond Core Drill Bits : They are manufactured with very small, high quality synthetic diamonds mixed evenly through a metal matrix. FLYDISC core bits are manufactured to give optimum penetration rates and bit life, which is required to keep the cost of diamond drilling to a minimum.   The custom core drill bits can be manufactured according to the samples or drawings.      Size Available:
1. A-Gauge Core Bits: AQ, AQ-RSG, AWG(AX), AWM, AWT, LTK48 2. B-Gauge Core Bits: BQ, BQ-RSG, BQ-2.400, BQ3, BWG(BX), BWM, BWT, LTK60, TBW 3. N-Gauge Core Bits: NQ, NQ-3.032, NQ2, NQ2-RSG, NQ3/NQTT, NQ3-RSG, NQ3-3.032, NMLC, NWG(NX), NWM, NWT, TNW 4. H-Gauge Core Bits: NQ, HQ-RSG, HQ-3.830, HQ-3.895, HQ3/HQTT, HQ3-RSG, HQ3-3.380, HQ3-3.895, HMLC, HWF-Long, HWF-Short, HWG(HX), HWT 5. P- Gauge Core Bits: PQ, PQ3, PWF-Long, PWF-Short 6. S- Gauge Core Bits: SWF-Long, SWF-Short 7. U- Gauge Core Bits: UWF-Long, UWF-Short 8. Z- Gauge Core Bits: ZWF-Long, ZWF-Short 9. T, TT, T2 &TB Series Metric Core Bits: T36, TT46, T2-46, TB56, TT56, T2-56, T2-66, T2-76, T2-76 coreline, T2-86, T2-86 coreline, T2-101, T2-101 coreline 10. T6 Series Metric Core Bits: T6-76, T6-86, T6-101, T6-116, T6-131, T6-146 11. T6S Series Metric Core Bits: T6S-76, T6S-86, T6S-101, T6S-116, T6S-131, T6S-146 12. B Series(ISO3552-1) Metric Core Bits: B36, B46, B56, B65, B76, B86, B101, B116, B131, B146 13. Chinese Standard Metric Core Bits for Single Tube Core Barrels: φ36, φ46, φ56, φ59, φ75, φ91, φ110, φ130, φ160, φ170, φ219, φ275 14. Chinese Standard Metric Core Bits for Double Tube Core Barrels: φ56, φ59, φ75, φ91 15. Chinese Standard Metric Core Bits for Wireline Core Barrels: φ59, φ75, φ91  
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