Portable take taps

Portable take taps
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In the machining, With the extensive use of automation equipment, the product to the high precision, high demand for rapid development, a large number of difficult to use the use of materials, tools, tool break in the workpiece to become a major factor in product qualification rate is a major factor. Conventional processing taps, drill bits and so on in the workpiece most of the way: hand slowly tick, smashing, gas welding after twisting, and even acid corrosion, flame cutting burning, so not only inefficient, but also damage to the workpiece.

MR-500B portable Sparks can be easily, without loss, quickly remove the tap in the workpiece, drill, cutter, screw, plug, etc.; can be in any size, shape of the workpiece processing, especially for difficult to work on the EDM machine Workpiece. In the portable EDM machine on the basis of the development of another Taiwan spark machine, the workpiece clamping faster, more accurate positioning, widely used in bulk small parts to remove the tap, processing non-precision requirements of the hole, marking and so on.

/ Strong> Features & Features

1. & nbsp; MR- 500B portable EDM using electric erosion principle to remove broken tools, non-contact processing, processing, the workpiece is not force, do not damage the workpiece.

2. : The product is small, light weight to carry; especially for large parts of the treatment, showing its unique superiority; work head and the main chassis with split design, the head can be rotated in any direction, easy to complex processing.

3. & nbsp; : Portable EDM machine with magnetic base, can be adsorbed on the workpiece for processing, easy to clamp and operation use.

4. : Desktop work table can be installed cross-mouth clamp (optional) or fixture, the workpiece clamping fast, precise positioning advantages, suitable for batch processing.

5. & nbsp; maintenance is simple?

6. & nbsp; : Electric erosion process using ordinary tap water to do the working fluid (also known as medium), power consumption is moderate, the water pipe with removable, convenient machine custody.

& nbsp; & Nbsp; Processing range: Diameter of 3mm and above the tap, drill and other conductive material to break the residue.

& nbsp; 8. & nbsp; Working a long time: the installation of a cooling fan forced ventilation, to ensure that the machine for a long time continuous work.

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