ESM Fume ESP Filter for Gas Disposal Use

ESM Fume ESP Filter for Gas Disposal Use
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Category:Industrial Supplies / Environment Protection Facilities / Air Purifier
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Product Description

Product Introduction

Our company's ESM bipolar electrostatic oil mist purifier is a medium and large-scale, centralized electrostatic oil mist separation and treatment equipment, especially suitable for factories with a large amount of oil mist, which have multiple production equipment to generate oil mist or a large production scale. Deals with oil mist from oily cutting fluids.

This unit is mostly used as the core purification equipment of customized system solutions. The product is a standard modular design, and the core part is an electrostatic filter module, which can be seamlessly spliced with our company's carbon cartridge activated carbon adsorption equipment, and can be combined with our company's other equipment to form a combined purification system.

Product Application

1. The factory workshop has a large number of CNC lathes, cleaning machines, engraving machines, grinding machines, boring machines, gear hobbing, milling machines, gear shaping machines, vacuum pumps, EDM, CNC machining centers, tapping machines, centering machines, cleaning machines machine, oiling machine, etc.

2. Medium and large processing equipment in metal manufacturing, machining, metal processing and non-metal processing industries, such as casting, forging, forging, cold heading, rolling, cutting, heat treatment, quenching, rolling, deep drawing, stamping, cutting, Pulling etc.

3. Welding lines for wave soldering, reflow soldering, auto parts welding, etc.

4. Factories that produce synthetic materials such as plastics and rubber, as well as factory workshops that use plastics and rubber as the original production of rubber and plastic products

5. Other manufacturing occasions that produce oil mist, oil fume and oily waste gas.

Purify Principle

Using the negative pressure of the fan, the oil mist is sucked into the equipment. The oil mist and smoke first pass through the current equalization device, and then enter the core filter area - the high and low voltage electric field. When the high-voltage electric field formed between the cathode of the high-voltage DC power supply and the grounded anode passes, due to the corona discharge at the cathode and the ionization of the gas, the negatively charged gas ions move to the anode plate under the action of the electric field force, and move When it collides with the flue gas particles, the dust particles are negatively charged. After the charged dust particles reach the anode, the discharged electronic dust particles are deposited on the anode plate, and the purified gas is discharged out of the purifier.

Equipment Advantage

High processing efficiency - under the condition of rated processing air volume, the removal rate of oil fume and particulate matter is more than 95%;

The oil in the oil mist has a large recovery amount and high purity, which can recover the equipment investment in a short period of time.

High safety performance - the equipment has perfect electrical protection function;

Modular design - multi-power control, it will not affect the use of equipment when part of the power supply stops working;

Cleaning and maintenance are simple - just open the equipment access door to take out the electric field, soak, rinse and dry, and use it like new equipment after cleaning.


Specification Model

The standard dust removal components are configured as: mechanical ESP Cell, electrostatic module (ionization dust collection series), high voltage generation series, bursting disc, oil leakage hole

Electrical components:  Schneider brand;

Working voltage:  220VAC 50/60MZ

Use temperature:  ≤50℃

Maintenance space (mm):  1000mm



Can be configured with 304 stainless steel wire mesh 3-stage purification

Configurable activated carbon 1-stage purification (6 carbon cartridges/group)

Configurable fire extinguishing system

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