ESM-S SS Machinning Drilling Cutting Casting Fume Filter

ESM-S SS Machinning Drilling Cutting Casting Fume Filter
Brand:Grass Green
Origin:Made In China
Category:Industrial Supplies / Environment Protection Facilities / Air Purifier
Label:Fume Extractor , Oil Fume Purifier , ESP filtration
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Product Description

Product Introduction

Our company's ESM-S electrostatic medium concentration oil fume purifier is a medium and large-scale, centralized, high and low voltage bipolar electrostatic oil fume separation and treatment equipment made of stainless steel, suitable for new materials, food processing, plastics, rubber, heat treatment, machining. , Asphalt and other industries generated fume treatment. The core filter module of this product - electrostatic module.


This product is our company's work in the treatment of industrial oil fume and oily waste gas for many years - a mature modular design, which can be combined with our company's PSM-S all-stainless steel pure high-voltage electrostatic oil fume purifier, BHC pretreatment equipment, activated carbon Equipment, etc. are seamlessly combined and spliced to form an integrated and combined purification equipment, which truly realizes multiple effects of one machine. The whole set of units can be flexibly installed inside and outside the workshop, the purification effect is up to standard, corrosion resistance, cleaning resistance, can handle medium and high concentration of oil fume with complex components, and improve the workshop environment. All stainless steel models require more complex production processes, but at the same time, they are more durable and can still maintain good performance after repeated cleaning. The continuously improved design of oil leakage and oil collection allows users to have a better experience.


Common Application Area

1. The factory workshop has a large number of CNC lathes, cleaning machines, engraving machines, grinding machines, boring machines, sawing machines, gear hobbing, milling machines, gear shaping machines, vacuum pumps, EDM, tapping machines, centering machines, oiling machines and so on.

2. Medium and large-scale processing equipment in metal manufacturing, machining, hardware processing and non-metal processing industries, such as oil fume produced by die casting, forging, forging, cold heading, rolling, heat treatment, rolling, deep drawing, stamping, cutting, etc.

3. Oil fume produced by frying, frying, roasting, frying, drying, smoking, rosin and other processing equipment in the food processing industry.

4. Processing of new materials, such as oil fumes from nanomaterials, biodegradable materials, polymer materials, energy materials, automotive materials, metal materials, etc.

5. Oily waste gas produced by battery film manufacturing, plastic drawing, granulation, extrusion, extrusion, injection molding, film blowing, foaming, calendering, blow molding, vulcanization, printing, etc.;

6. Asphalt flue gas purification, such as oily flue gas generated from asphalt storage tanks, asphalt mixing plants, and waterproofing membrane production;

7. Oil-containing dust produced by welding lines such as wave soldering, reflow soldering, and auto parts welding.

8. Purification of oil fume and exhaust gas produced by the production of PVC pipes, leather, gloves, wallpaper, etc.;

9. Polishing, curing, grinding, recycling and other rubber industry oil fume purification;

10. Other manufacturing occasions that produce oil fume, oil mist and oily waste gas.


Technical Principle

Using the negative pressure of the fan, the oil fume is sucked into the equipment. Soot and smoke, when the high-voltage electric field formed between the cathode of the high-voltage DC power supply and the grounded anode passes, due to the corona discharge at the cathode and the ionization of the gas, the negatively charged gas ions are charged to the anode plate under the action of the electric field force. When it moves, it collides with the flue gas particles during the movement, so that the dust particles are negatively charged. After the charged dust particles reach the anode, the discharged electronic dust particles are deposited on the anode plate, and the purified gas is discharged outside the purifier.


Equipment Advantage

1. Both filtration effect and service life:

The box and core filter components (electrostatic modules) are made of 201 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and cleaning-resistant. It is a lampblack purification equipment that can run stably for many years. High processing efficiency, under the condition of rated processing air volume, the removal rate of oil fume and particulate matter is more than 95%;

The front-end filter of 304 stainless steel (most of the similar products are aluminum wire mesh) can be selected, which is resistant to high temperature and has a good effect of filtering large particles of oil fume.


2. Modular design makes our combined purification system smaller, more applicable and economical for different working conditions

This product is a modular design, which can be used alone, or can be flexibly combined with our company's PSM-S all-stainless steel plasma exhaust gas filter, BHC pretreatment equipment, activated carbon equipment, etc. to form a composite purification system to meet higher oil fume purification. and odor purification standards, it can also effectively deal with more complex working conditions of high temperature, water, and fire.


3. The comprehensive input cost is excellent:

The filter element is reusable, saving expensive filter replacement and scrapping costs.

Low energy consumption: saves operating costs and is less efficient at the same air flow rate for quieter operation.


4. Improve the working environment

Meets occupational safety and health standards: captures, filters, and releases airborne pollutants for clean air.

Improve worker productivity and efficiency: Provide a cleaner work environment.

The improved oil leakage and oil collection design protects the workshop environment from pollution and brings a better user experience.

High safety performance, the equipment has perfect electrical protection function.


Product configuration:

The standard dust removal components are configured as: mechanical equalizing net, 201 stainless steel electrostatic module (ionization dust collection series), high voltage generation series, explosion vent, oil leakage hole

Electrical components: Schneider brand;

Working voltage: 220VAC 50/60MZ

Use temperature: 50

Maintenance space (mm): 1000



Can be configured with 304 stainless steel wire mesh 1-level purification

Configurable activated carbon purification (2/group)


Cleaning and maintenance instructions: Just open the equipment access door to take out the electric field, soak it, rinse it and dry it, and use it like new equipment after cleaning.

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