Mischmetal wire

Mischmetal wire
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Product Description

Material: Mischmetal wire or Misch Metall wire
Analysis: Typical     Guaranteed 
    TREM  99.38%     98 % min
    Ce      63.87%      65 % approx. 
    La      35.50%      35 % approx. 
    Pr     <0.20%       0.3%max
    Nd    <0.20%       0.3%max
    Fe    <0.34%       1.0%max 
Size available : 2.0mm up to 6.35mm diameter x random length in spool.
Packing : wound on spool wrapped inner plastic film outside carton. 

Typical size :
Diameter 2.5mm(+/-0.2) on spool,  20-40kg/spool or 1060 m/spool; 00.033 kg/m
Diameter 3.0mm(+/-0.2) on spool,  20-40 kg/spool or 744 m/spool; 00.047 kg/m
Diameter 3.5mm(+/-0.2) on spool,  20-40 kg/spool or 546 m/spool; 00.064 kg/m
Diameter 4.0mm(+/-0.2) on spool,  20-40 kg/spool or 416 m/spool; 00.084 kg/m

Diameter 4.5mm(+/-0.25) on spool,  20-40 kg/spool or 330 m/spool; 00.106 kg/m
Diameter 5.0mm(+/-0.25) on spool,  20-40 kg/spool or 267 m/spool; 00.131 kg/m
Diameter 5.5mm(+/-0.25) on spool,  20-40 kg/spool or 221 m/spool; 00.158 kg/m
Diameter 6.35mm(+/-0.25) on spool, 20-40 kg/spool or 165 m/spool; 00.211 kg/m
(the above length per spool is based on the theoretical weight 35kg/spool).

Application: The amount of Cerium Mischmetal alloy wire can be accurately controlled, Cerium Mischmetal and other rare earth elements effectively eliminate the harmful effects of other components. Cerium Mischmetal is added to nodularised iron, offering the following benefits:  

  • Increased nucleating sites for graphite precipitation. 
  • Extended effect of the nodularisation treatment. 
  • Nullification of the harmful effects of any trace elements present in the base iron.  
  • Control of graphite morphology from vermicular to nodular.  

To be highlighted that Mischmetal is widely used as the alloying additive in the ductile iron foundry and Ferro Silicon Magnesium(FeSiMg or MgFeSi). it is used as the alloying additive of Magnesium Ferro Silicon (MgFeSi), a nodulariser/nodulizer/nodularizer/nodulant/nodulizing agent used in manufacturing ductile iron. It improves the shape of graphite nodules and negates the effect of tramp element and sulphur, it is a good inoculants & nodularisers in foundry.  

Mischmetal can also be used as the alloying additive of a Zinc-Aluminium alloy named Zinc-5 % Aluminum-Mischmetal (Zn-5Al-MM) alloy, having a 95% Zn-5% Al-trace mischmetal (cerium, lanthanum), which is often used to be as the coatings for steel, to enhance the product life for certain applications.

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