Textile Axuiliaries (Casofter-150ACW)

Textile Axuiliaries (Casofter-150ACW)
Brand:centro chino
Origin:Made In Taiwan, China
Category:Textile & Leather / Textile Materials / Others
Label:softener flake , Fabric Softener Flak , Cationic softener fl
Price: TW $70 / kg
Min. Order:1000 kg
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Product Description

Hot water weak cationic softener
Casofter-150ACW (Conc.) is a weak cationic softener mainly composed of polyamine salt derivatives, and imparts desirable soft handle to all kinds
of fibers.
Moreover Casofter-150ACW(Conc.) is easy to use and is non-yellowing. In combination use with resins, Casofter-150ACW (Conc.) is excellently stable and imparts desirable softness to fibers.
 Appearance...............…. Light yellowing white flakes
 Ionic nature.............……Weak Cationic
 Main component........… Polyamine salt derivatives
 PH (2.0% sol’n).....…….3.5±1
 Solubility........................Can easily disperse in 80hot water
1.Casofter-150ACW (Conc.) reduces the effect of anionic optical brighten agent for cellulose, but it has no effect on the cationic or nonionic O.B.A. that are usually used for synthetic fabrics.
2.Casofter-150ACW (Conc.) shows excellent softening effect in combination with resin.
3.Casofter-150ACW(Conc.) imparts splendid soft handle to man-made
4.Casofter-150ACW (Conc.) can be used without the trouble of thermal yellowing under the normal drying and heating condition.
Dissolving method (Dilute into 10% Aq. solution)
Step 1. For high viscosity
Casofter-150ACW (Conc)   10kg 
*80Hot Water         90kg Stir and Dissolve ( for at least 30 min.)
Step 2. For low viscosity
Casofter-150ACW (Conc) 10kg
80Hot Water         60kg Stir and Dissolve ( for at least 30 min.)                                      
Add cool water 30kg stirring slowly will get low viscous product
Important note:
1. Filtered before packing.
2. Please keep pH value 3-4 (We s est to add 0.2 kg of Acetic Acid to
 adjust pH value)
CASOFTER-150ACW (Conc.) (10%Dilute) usage:
1. Add 15%(o.w.f.)   x 2030 MIN. In dyeing bath
2. Add 13% (o.w.s.) In padding process
Packing and Storage: Net 25kgs PP Bag. Please avoid press,
                   Storage-time 6 months
                   (We s est keep goods in cool and dry place.)
Important Note: The information provided is for reference only. Any violations against law or patent right are prohibited.
Textile Axuiliaries (Casofter-150ACW) 1Textile Axuiliaries (Casofter-150ACW) 2Textile Axuiliaries (Casofter-150ACW) 3Textile Axuiliaries (Casofter-150ACW) 4

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