Nonsilicone type anti-foaming agent (B-30)

Nonsilicone type anti-foaming agent (B-30)
Model:Cadefoamer B-30
Brand:centro chino
Origin:Made In Taiwan, China
Category:Textile & Leather / Textile Materials / Others
Label:Softening agent /sof , textile softener fla , Textile auxiliary so
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Product Description

Cadefoamer B-30
(Nonsilicone type anti-foaming agent)     (Finishing AUXILIARIES)

Cadefoamer B-30 is designed primarily for use in textile dyeing.

This 100% active liquid can be used in jets and other dyeing operations, printing, sizing, scouring and coatings where foam control is important. Being silicone-free, Cadefoamer B-30 will not cause objectionable silicone residual buildup on equipment. Tests indicate that this defoamer has no adverse effect on fabric flammability.



1. Effective in many wet processing operations including jet dyeing.

2. Non-silicone.

3. Excellent dye compatibility.

4. Superior bath stability no silicone spots.

5. Effective dye bath stability in hard water.

6. No silicone flammability problems.

7. Helps keep equipment clean.

8. Eliminates foam buildup on cool-down during jet dyeing.


Typical Properties

Appearance..........................Amber. not transparent

Activity %............................100

PH(2%)……………............6.5 + 1



In general, 0.1 ~ 0.4 g/L of Cadeformer B-30 are sufficient. The amount of defoamer required varies with the degree of foam and the type of surfactants used during the process.

Recommended to predilute Cadefoamer B-30 in water at 38~ 66to 10% stock solution which should be kept under gentle agitation - avoid propellers or high speed mixers.



When using Cadefoamer B-30 in a dye bath, make up the bath as follows:


Add sequestrate, dispersant (Cadisper-196B) and carrier, mix until uniform. Add Cadefoamer B-30 (from stock solution.)


Packing, Storage and Handling

Net in 100 kgs/120L PE drum, 180kgs/iron drum Storage in cold conditions may cause the product to stratify or congeal. If this occurs, allow the product to warm to room temperature and mix well before using. Additional handling information is contained in a material safety data sheet which is available on request.




Nonsilicone type anti-foaming agent (B-30) 1Nonsilicone type anti-foaming agent (B-30) 2

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