Sizing agent for synthetic fiber(SA1000)

Sizing agent for synthetic fiber(SA1000)
Model:CASIZE SA-1000
Brand:centro chino
Origin:Made In Taiwan, China
Category:Textile & Leather / Textile Materials / Others
Label:sizing agent , sizing agent , lubricant for sizing
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Product Description


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UPDATE 2008/2/20

CASIZE SA-1000 is an aqueous polyacrylate solution.




CASIZE SA-1000 is designed for use on all spun yarns including staple blends of synthetic and natural fibres. It has proved to be of special benefit for 100% cotton yarns in

combination with standard starch type size products.




   Appearance              :Clear viscous liquid

   Specific gravity 25      :1.0 (approx)

   Brookfield viscosity 25  :10,000 ± 1,5000 CPS

   pH                     : 7.5 +1




1. Readily soluble in water.

2. May be used on its own or in combination with other sizes.

3. Improved weavability is obtained with lower size pick-up.

4. Eliminates dust and fly.

5. CASIZE SA-1000 is readily scoured. Enzymes are only

 required when starch is included in the size mix.


Method of Use


1. Run about one third of the water required into the mixer.

2. Add the required ammount of CASIZE SA-1000.

3. Run in additional cold water and add starch slowly, agitating

 to a smooth slurry.

4. Turn on heat and raise to 88-90(190-200).

5. Cook at this temperature for 30 minutes to "open" the starch.

6. Turn off heat.

7. Make up to correct volume with warm water.

8. Use at 71-94(160-200) according to yarn concerned.


S ested Formulate


1. Fine counts

 2 parts CASIZE SA-1000

 1 part modified starch ether to obtain 10 - 11.5% solids in mix.

2. Medium Counts

 1 part CASIZE SA-1000

 1 part modified starch ether to obtain 8 - 10% solids in mix.

3. Coarse counts

 1 part CASIZE SA-1000

 2 parts of any starch to obtain 6 - 8% solids in mix.


Packing: 125kg plastic drums

Sizing agent for synthetic fiber(SA1000) 1

Member Information

Country/Region:Zhe Jiang - Taiwan, China
Business Nature:Manufacturer
Contact:RAIN (SALES)
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