Activated carbon adsorption equipment

Activated carbon adsorption equipment
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Product Description

Product Introduction

The activated carbon adsorption equipment developed and designed by our company is an activated carbon adsorption box with a wide range of applications. Different from similar products, our activated carbon adsorption box is designed with a carbon cartridge filter unit structure, which is safe and efficient, easy to install and maintain, and can be freely combined according to the air volume. The unit can absorb waste gas and can be used to purify the odor and odor in commercial and industrial occasions.

In general, activated carbon adsorption equipment is mostly used for low-concentration exhaust gas adsorption. However, this activated carbon adsorption equipment is improved and launched by our company on the basis of previous generations of activated carbon adsorption equipment. , so, even if it is used for high-concentration exhaust gas treatment (reasonable selection), it can also achieve up-to-standard emissions.

In addition to being used alone, activated carbon equipment is often used in combination with plasma exhaust gas filters and electrostatic fume removal equipment to adapt to more complex exhaust gas conditions, or to meet more stringent exhaust gas and odor control requirements.


Common applications:

When dealing with waste gas, the activated carbon adsorption box is especially suitable for the working environment with low solubility and large air volume or intermittent emission of waste gas with high concentration.

The main application areas include: hazardous waste workshop, laboratory exhaust, injection molding workshop, heat treatment salt bath furnace, rubber and plastic product production, electronic component production, battery (battery) production, pickling workshop, metallurgy, chemical plant, pharmaceutical production plant , spray booth, paint booth, painting factory, food processing factory, slaughterhouse, farm, meat processing factory, brewing industry, food and brewing, furniture production, etc. When used in combination with other equipment, the activated carbon adsorption box has a wider range of applications.


When dealing with odors, the application of activated carbon adsorption boxes is basically unrestricted. You can directly email us for the selection plan.

Purification principle:

The equipment is mainly composed of tower body, access door, air inlet and outlet, medium-efficiency dust filter (easy-to-remove dust filter), carbon cylinder group and other components.

The odorous gas and organic waste gas pass through the air inlet, and the particulate matter in the gas is first filtered by the medium-efficiency filter to prevent the dust from entering the activated carbon to block the micropores, and then entering the carbon cylinder.

The VOCS is effectively adsorbed by the activated carbon, and the purified gas can reach the standard discharge into the atmosphere


Products Advantage

In the past process of using activated carbon to purify organic waste gas, activated carbon bed is usually used, that is, activated carbon particles are deposited inside a special equipment, but with the large-scale application of activated carbon adsorption, it is found that it is easy to rub against each other, and its self-loss is obvious, and it needs to be replaced. inconvenient. It is even more inconvenient for users who do not have an on-site regeneration device and need to transfer the activated carbon to another place for regeneration.

The above-mentioned defects can be avoided by placing the activated carbon in the metal cylinder in the form of a small cylinder. The carbon cartridge has strong adsorption capacity, reliable performance, convenient installation and maintenance, low operating cost, and can be freely combined according to the air volume.

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