ESA electrostatic oil mist purification machine

ESA electrostatic oil mist purification machine
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Product Description

Product introduction

Our company's ESA electrostatic oil mist purification machine is a small, stand-alone oil mist separation and filtration equipment with its own fan. It can effectively remove all kinds of cutting fluid oil mist, with a purification efficiency of more than 95%, especially suitable for oily cutting fluids. Oil mist treatment. The equipment can be installed directly near the machine tool or connected through local pipes, and the purified air can be directly discharged locally.


This model has 4 specifications of 1000 air volume, 2000 air volume, 4000 air volume and 8000 air volume.

Purify Principle

ESA electrostatic oil mist all-in-one machine adopts the method of pre-primary stainless steel mesh filtration and post-electrostatic decomposition and adsorption to purify the oil mist generated by various machine tools.


The oil mist generated by the machine tool is sucked into the inside of the equipment through negative pressure, and firstly filtered through the pre-filtered stainless steel filter to filter out large particles of oil mist ions;


When the remaining oil mist reaches the rear electrostatic field area, it first passes through the high-voltage discharge area, and decomposes the oil mist into oil ions with positive and negative charges. After these positively charged oil ions reach the low-pressure area, under the action of Coulomb force, they are decomposed into It is adsorbed on the electrostatic field to form liquid oil, which flows along the plate to the oil discharge port for discharge.


The purified clean air is discharged through the exhaust port.

Equipment Advantage

The core filter component - electrostatic module, is made of 201 stainless steel and aviation aluminum to meet different budget requirements. At the same time, the electrostatic module can be divided into single-stage and double-pole, which can meet more stringent environmental protection requirements and have high purification efficiency. No consumables for long-term use, only regular maintenance and cleaning, and low operating costs.


It can make the air quality in the workshop meet the standard, protect the expensive machine tools from being affected by oil mist, give workers a good working environment, and reduce the risk of occupational diseases.


No vibration, low noise, the use of internationally renowned brand external motor, long service life, strong stability, does not affect the machining accuracy of the machine tool, does not produce secondary pollution.


The equipment is a low-energy consumption product. The power of the single-stage electrostatic module plus fan equipment is less than 1KW, which truly saves electricity costs for enterprises, and is even more valuable under the power rationing policy.


Flexible design, the structure is divided into vertical and horizontal, which can meet the needs of different working conditions and save more space.


The front stainless steel wire mesh can effectively filter and block large particles of oil mist and impurities, protect the stable operation of the rear electrostatic module, and prolong the cleaning cycle of the electrostatic module.


The continuously improved oil leakage and oil collection design can bring a better user experience.


Separate switch design, power off when door is opened, high safety factor.


Specification Parameter

Standard dust removal components are configured as: mechanical ESP Cell, full 201 stainless steel or aviation aluminum electrostatic module (ionization dust collector), high voltage generator, fan, oil leakage hole, 2m hose, 2 clamps, 1 air duct Interface, oil leakage pipe 2 meters


H stands for horizontal, and the motor is on the side of the electrostatic module; V stands for vertical, and the motor is on the top of the electrostatic module.


Use temperature: 50


Maintenance space (mm): 1000


Electrical components: Schneider


Working voltage: 220VAC 50/60MZ


Optional configuration: 304 wire mesh, air outlet filter cotton, air outlet diameter reduction


Equipment Maintenance

The unit needs to be regularly maintained and cleaned as required.


The frequency of cleaning can be determined by the purification effect of the purifier, and the cleaning frequency is different for different operating conditions.

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