Electrostatic oil fume Purifier

Electrostatic oil fume Purifier
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Label:Fume Extractor , Oil Mist Collector , oil smoke purifier
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Product Description

Products Instruction

Our company's ESM bipolar electrostatic oil fume purifier is a medium and large-scale, centralized, high and low voltage bipolar electrostatic oil fume separation and treatment equipment, suitable for new materials, food processing, plastics, rubber, heat treatment, machining, asphalt and other industries. fumes treatment.

Our company's electrostatic oil fume purifier can be used alone, or can be seamlessly combined with our company's pretreatment unit and activated carbon unit to form an integrated, combined purification equipment, which has both oil fume and odor removal effects. The whole set of units can be flexibly installed inside and outside the workshop, and the purification effect reaches the standard.

In the renovation project, the equipment is often matched with catalytic combustion equipment, dust removal equipment, etc. to be used as oil fume removal equipment.

Product Application arrange & Usage

1. The factory workshop has a large number of CNC lathes, cleaning machines, engraving machines, grinding machines, boring machines, sawing machines, gear hobbing, milling machines, gear shaping machines, vacuum pumps, EDM, tapping machines, centering machines, oiling machines and so on.

2. Medium and large-scale processing equipment in metal manufacturing, machining, hardware processing and non-metal processing industries, such as oil fume produced by die casting, forging, forging, cold heading, rolling, heat treatment, rolling, deep drawing, stamping, cutting, etc.

3. Oil fume produced by frying, frying, roasting, frying, drying, smoking, rosin and other processing equipment in the food processing industry.

4. Processing of new materials, such as oil fumes from nanomaterials, biodegradable materials, polymer materials, energy materials, automotive materials, metal materials, etc.

5. Oily waste gas produced by battery film manufacturing, plastic drawing, granulation, extrusion, extrusion, injection molding, film blowing, foaming, calendering, blow molding, vulcanization, printing, etc.;

6. Asphalt flue gas purification, such as oily flue gas generated from asphalt storage tanks, asphalt mixing plants, and waterproofing membrane production;

7. Oil-containing dust produced by welding lines such as wave soldering, reflow soldering, and auto parts welding.

8. Purification of oil fume and exhaust gas produced by the production of PVC pipes, leather, gloves, wallpaper, etc.;

9. Polishing, curing, grinding, recycling and other rubber industry oil fume purification;

10. Other manufacturing occasions that produce oil fume, oil fume and oily waste gas.

Purify Principle

The fume gas discharged from the production workshop enters the industrial fume purifier, first passes through the equalizing device, and then enters the charging processing area. In this process, the removal efficiency of oil droplets larger than 0.9 microns and other polluting particles in the fume gas directly exceeds 95%. , The charging processing area mainly completes the process of removing large and medium particle oil droplets and analyzing the odor of fine particle oil droplets.


Equipment Advantage

High processing efficiency - under the condition of rated processing air volume, the removal rate of oil fume and particulate matter is more than 95%;

The oil in the fume has a large amount of oil recovery and high purity, and the equipment investment can be recovered in a short period of time.

High safety performance - the equipment has perfect electrical protection function;

Modular design - multi-power control, it will not affect the use of equipment when part of the power supply stops working;

Cleaning and maintenance are simple - just open the equipment access door to take out the electric field, soak, rinse and dry, and use it like as new equipment after cleaning.


Equipment Maintenance

The unit needs to be regularly maintained and cleaned as required.

The frequency of cleaning can be determined by the purification effect of the purifier, and the cleaning frequency is different for different operating conditions.

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