MOM Mechanical Type Fume Cleaner

MOM Mechanical Type Fume Cleaner
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Label:mechnical type , Fume Filter , oil Smoke Removal
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Product Description

Products Introduction

Our company's MOM mechanical oil mist purifier is a new solution to eliminate common oil mist in metal cutting applications. With its small and compact size, the device can be mounted on top of the machine tool or in other locations nearby, with convenient interfaces and direct local discharge of purified air.

The equipment is designed for two-stage filtration, with larger filter area and stronger filter capacity. By flexibly configuring the optional high-efficiency air filter module, it can efficiently eliminate oil mist, dust-containing oil mist, and water-containing oil mist, with a purification efficiency of over 99%.

The machine is simple to maintain, easy to operate, and the filter cartridge is easy to replace, which can be replaced in 5 minutes, saving time and cost.


When coolants and lubricants are used during machining, the forces and heat generated create oil mist and fumes. The type of contamination depends on the coolant used and processing parameters. Water-soluble coolants produce droplets that are larger in size, while oil-based coolants produce more sub-micron fumes. Typically machines or production processes with larger workpieces and higher processing speeds will generate higher concentrations of contaminants.

Our company's MOM mechanical oil mist purifier is filtered through a unique internal filter, which is especially suitable for oil mist generated by water-based cutting fluids.

Purify Principle

There are two upper and lower layers inside the machine, and each layer is equipped with a filter element. The upper and lower filter elements have different filtration precision, and the upper filter element is the main filter element.

Under the negative pressure of the fan, the oil mist first passes through the primary filter element of the lower layer, and the large oil mist, water mist and particulate matter are purified. The filtered air can be directly discharged in the workshop.

The filtered oil, water, etc. will be returned to the oil tank and water tank of the machine tool through the pipeline.

The filter element can be cleaned and reused.

Configuration Introduction

There are 2 filter cartridges up and down, and the material of the filter cartridge can be selected according to the type of coolant;

Operating temperature: ≤50℃;

Working voltage: 220VAC 50/60MZ;

Processing air volume: 1000m³/h, it can be used with 1 machine tool with 1000 air volume or 2 machine tools with 500 air volume.

Equipment power: 0.55w;

Equipment resistance: ≤300Pa;

Weight: 80kg;

Dimensions (L*W*H): 600*600*960

Flange diameter: 150mm

MOM Mechanical Type Fume Cleaner 1MOM Mechanical Type Fume Cleaner 2

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