(1KNm-5KNm)Microcomputer-controlled Torque Testing Machine

(1KNm-5KNm)Microcomputer-controlled Torque Testing Machine
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Product Description

This machine is mainly used for testing the torsional mechanical properties of metal materials, bolts, tools, finished products, structural components, transmission shafts, components, fasteners, and other samples at room temperature or in special environments. It can also be used for performance tests such as torsional damage of non-metallic materials and finished products. The tested sample is installed between fixtures with adjustable space, which can adapt to different tests of torsional mechanical properties of the tested sample.

Executive standards: GB/T 10128 "Metallic Materials - Torsion Testing at Room Temperature", JJG 269 "Verification Regulations for Torsion Testing Machines", etc

Application industries: metrology and quality inspection, metallurgy and steel, machinery manufacturing, fasteners, hardware tools, automotive parts, universities, scientific research and experimental institutions, and other industries.

Main technical performance indicators

● Maximum range of optional sensor (Nm): 1000

Torque measurement range: 1% - 100% FS

Minimum torque reading value (Nm): 0.01

● Test torque resolution 1/± 300000

● Relative error of torque indication: ≤± 1.0% (both forward and reverse directions)

● Relative error of torque repeatability: ≤ 1.0% (both forward and reverse directions)

● Angle measurement range 0-10000 °

● Relative error of angle indication: ≤± 1% (both forward and reverse directions)

● Torsion angle (small angle measurement) display minimum resolution: 0.01 °

Minimum reading value of corner: 0.01 °

● Test speed: 0.05-720 °/min

● Relative error of torsion speed indication: ≤± 1% (both forward and reverse directions)

● Repeatability error of torsion speed indication: ≤ 1.0%

● Distance between torque disc and torque disc (mm): 0-500

● Coaxiality of two chucks (mm): ≤ Φ zero point three

● Sample clamping diameter: customized according to the actual sample

● Power supply: AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz;

● Sample clamping method: provide a set of clamps according to the user's sample

● Test level: Level 1

Net size of main engine (mm): 1400 * 400 * 1000

● Host weight (kg): 400

Adopt high-precision torque sensor, which can measure torque in both positive and negative directions; The output of the torsion angle is collected and output by an angular displacement sensor to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the displayed angle. Through a computer data acquisition and processing system, the collected sensor signals are processed and displayed on the computer screen.

4 Measurement control system:

The testing machine is controlled and operated by a computer, and the software synchronously displays the torque time, torque angle time, torque angle, and torque angle curves of the tested specimen; Real-time display of parameters such as angle, torque, and torque peak.

5 Test process

The entire test process uses a window-based operating software with a graphical interface based on the Windows platform, with keyboard input of test parameters, and mouse operation of virtual buttons to automatically complete the entire test process.

The test results can be formed in a variety of report formats, facilitating the printing and analysis of test results.

(1KNm-5KNm)Microcomputer-controlled Torque Testing Machine  1(1KNm-5KNm)Microcomputer-controlled Torque Testing Machine  2(1KNm-5KNm)Microcomputer-controlled Torque Testing Machine  3(1KNm-5KNm)Microcomputer-controlled Torque Testing Machine  4(1KNm-5KNm)Microcomputer-controlled Torque Testing Machine  5

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