Slewing Bearing is Suitable for Industrial Robot Joint Bearing

Slewing Bearing is Suitable for Industrial Robot Joint Bearing
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Generally speaking, industrial robots are composed of three major parts and six subsystems.
The three parts are the mechanical part, the sensing part and the control part.
The six subsystems can be divided into mechanical structure system, drive system, perception system, robot-environment interaction system, human-computer interaction system and control system.
Slewing bearing is also known as rotary bearing and slewing bearing. Slewing bearing is widely used in real industry. It is known as "the joint of the machine". It is an important transmission element required by the machine that needs to make relative rotary motion between two objects, and also needs to bear axial force, radial force and overturning moment. Its main function is to support the rotating body of the machine, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement, and ensure its rotation accuracy.
Compared with general bearings, the rotating speed of slewing ring is lower. According to the different friction properties of moving elements, slewing bearings can be divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings.
With the development of the national high-tech level, robots will be used in industry, manufacturing and other industries to replace traditional human resources and greatly improve their work efficiency, especially in some dust-free workshops, radiation laboratories, high-precision workplaces, etc. As one of the important parts of robot equipment, slewing bearing plays a vital role, so it is widely called "joint of machine". Today we will talk about the application of slewing bearing in the field of robot.
1、 Understand that slewing bearing slewing bearing, also known as turntable bearing, is a large bearing with special structure that can simultaneously bear large axial load, radial load, overturning torque and other comprehensive loads, and integrates support, rotation, transmission, fixation and other functions. Generally, the slewing bearing itself is equipped with mounting holes, lubricating oil and sealing devices, which can meet the different needs of various robots working under different working conditions.
2、 Which type of robot uses slewing bearing slewing bearing itself has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient guide rotation, easy installation and maintenance, and is widely used in mobile robots, spot welding robots, welding robots, stacking robots, laser processing robots, assembly robots, handling robots and other industrial robot parts.
3、 The application of slewing bearing in robots requires that the development of robots tend to be lightweight. To install slewing bearing in a limited space, it must be small in size and light in weight, that is, lightweight. But at the same time, the high load, high rotation accuracy, high running stability, high positioning speed, high repeated positioning accuracy, long life and high reliability of the robot require that the supporting robot bearing must have the performance of high bearing capacity, high accuracy, high stiffness, low friction torque, long life and high reliability.
4、 Advantages of slewing bearing used by robot The slewing bearing used by robot can bear axial, radial, overturning and other comprehensive loads; Good rigidity, high rotation accuracy, easy installation, space saving, weight reduction, significant friction reduction, and good rotation accuracy. Make it possible to lighten and miniaturize the host. The slewing bearing is installed at the joint of the robot, and this structure can achieve incredible high and tight rotation movement.
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Slewing Bearing is Suitable for Industrial Robot Joint Bearing 1

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